Since forming back in 1996, Saliva have most definitely made a name for themselves in the nu-metal/post-grunge genre! After self-releasing their first album Saliva in 1997, the band have since gone on to release another nine albums and produce numerous hits; the most recent album being 2016’s Love, Lies and Therapy, which was the first without original bass player Dave Novotny!

With the exception of Australia, fans all around the world have had the opportunity to see Saliva performing on their shores. Thankfully Australia doesn’t have to wait much longer, as Saliva is making their long awaited debut trip down under in February 2018! Overdrive was fortunate enough to speak to front man Bobby Amaru about the long awaited debut trip to Australia, as well as getting to find out a couple of inner workings from the Saliva camp.

The first topic of the interview was just how excited Saliva are to finally make it to Australian shores; Amaru couldn’t contain his excitement whilst expressing “I’ve been dreaming to come there since day one; to finally to get to come there has us humbled and feeling grateful. We just want to come play rock and roll for people who care about us. I’ve heard nothing but great things about Australia, plus I’ve met a lot of people from there who say that rock and roll there is great and they love it. ”
Considering Saliva has been around for over two decades, Australian fans are going to be wondering why it’s taken so long for a visit to our shores to be booked. Amaru let out a wholehearted laugh after saying “that’s probably because none of the promoters down there wanted to bring us across” before continuing:

“It wasn’t because of us, that is for sure! We would have come there a long time ago if we could have. It’s all about lining up the asteroids; the promoters just have to be in the right place at the right time. It all comes down to being about supply and demand; we just get up there and play rock and roll, so we don’t deal with that side of things. I unfortunately can’t really give you much more than that!”

With Saliva finally getting to make it down to Australia, this interviewer was curious if there a specific city or state that the band are most excited to get to visit; Amaru gave a short but memorable answer:
“We don’t have a preferred place to visit as we’re just excited to bring the rock! We don’t have a lot of time; I think it’s just five shows in a row so it’s a new place every day. But if I could hug a koala or get punched by a kangaroo, I’d be happy.” Upon hearing that the being punched by a kangaroo had to take place after the last show so that Australian fans didn’t miss out on hearing him sing, Amaru couldn’t contain his laughter.

Considering that Saliva have ten albums under their belt, picking a set-list for their first ever tour to Australia must be a difficult task! When asked how Saliva are going about deciding on songs, Amaru gave a great insight into the mindset of the band:

“We’ve tossed around a couple of ideas, but we just want to make it different; the way we do it in the United States is that the set-list is full of songs that have made the band who we are. I’m sure that they are the songs that Australia and the other countries know as well; however we like to throw in a couple of curveballs here and there, maybe a cover here or there. From front to finish, the set is all about just getting people involved and having a good time! We’re not out there dressed in ballerina costumes; we want to go out there, have a good fucking time and bring people a rock show. In regards to the set-list, we don’t have decided yet on the order in what we’re playing, but we have a pretty good idea of what we are going to bring. Although, we might play an Eminem song, we might play a Michael Jackson song, we might play an AC/DC song, we might play a Silverchair song…we haven’t fully decided the set-list just yet. All I can say is that it’s going to be a good time; be prepared to see me high fiving people in the crowd!”

When asked if there were any specific songs that Saliva were excited to play for Australian fans, Amaru quipped that “when you’re trying to condense ten records into an hour and a half, it’s hard to pick any specific songs that stand out; at the same time, we do have the control to do what we want to do in the set. We just want to get up on stage and annihilate, play a full set and have a good time. Then I want to leave the stage, head to the bar and then have a couple of shots!”
With Saliva getting to cross off Australia from the must travel to list, this interviewer was curious as to whether we were the last place that needed to be crossed off. Amaru exclaimed that “absolutely it is” before giving a small humorous insight into his personal life:

“I met my future ex-wife in Los Angeles about fifteen years ago. She’s an Australian and my first thought upon seeing her was ‘wow; this is the hottest thing I’ve ever seen in my life!’ She was traveling to Australia so she said that we can’t be together; I told her that I’d find a way. I’m still finding that way right now, so we’ll see.”