Ukranian metal quartet Septa take you on a very avant-garde inspired journey, with their latest single “Redrum”. With the unsettling vocals of Eugene Tymchyk and a trip-hop beat kicking it off, the real madness ensues with a surreal, neo-noir style that’s orchestrated by the power and abrasiveness of ‘Redrum’.

Vocalist Eugene Tymchyk comments:
“We recorded “Redrum” right after we’ve released Sounds Like Murder. We needed some closure and conclusion to the story we’ve planted into our latest album. And this song appeared to be that much needed finale. Music video was co-directed by Oleg Rooz and me, it’s a weird combination of our adoration of Audrey Hepburn and huge David Lynch inspiration. This song is really violent in its content, glad we’ve got it out our chests.”

Watch the video here: