Vocals/Guitar: Stacey Dee

Vocals/Guitar:  Jennie Cotterill

Bass/Vocals: Linh Le

Drums: Myra Gallarza


Formed in 2011, Bad Cop, Bad Cop are an all-female punk band from Los Angeles, California who’s sound can only be described as four women who have simply had enough. They emphasize on huge melodies and fast paced riffs to accompany the raw attitude in their music.


EP: Boss Lady (2014)

Our first look at Bad Cop, Bad Cop comes in the form of their 2014 EP Boss Lady. Presented as a straight punk album, the style of this music will take you back to golden era of “modern punk”!

Most notable songs include “My Life” and “Asshole”.


Album: Not Sorry (2015)

The debut studio album of the all-female group, this one gives off the exact same vibe as Boss Lady but does that mean it’s the same old stuff? Definitely not! Not Sorry gives us some of the catchiest punk tunes of the modern era while still keeping that “f*** you attitude!” The opening “Hello, hello hello” in the first track “Nightmare” opens this album perfect setting the mood for the rest.


Album: Warriors (2017)

What’s that? You want more solid punk tunes? Sure! That’s what I imagine Bad Cop, Bad Cop would be saying if they were asked for a new album prior to this one. Warriors gives us a whole other 11 songs of full on punk, nothing but simple yet powerful riffs and strong vocals accompanied by backing harmonies. While this album was released just this year, I feel like I am 15 years old again! Songs such as “Womanarchist”, “Retrograde” and “I’m Done” are exactly what punk is all about, and nobody does it better than Bad Cop, Bad Cop!


Check out some of their videos!

You can catch Bad Cop, Bad Cop at Melbourne’s iconic Flemington Racecourse on March 24th as part of the inaugural Australian edition of Download Festival.

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