Clean Vocals & Rap Vocals: Tyler Carter

Unclean Vocals: Michael Bohn

Guitar: Adrian “AJ” Rebollo

Bass: Skyler Acord

Drums & Percussion: Josh Manuel


Issues is an American Metalcore band formed in Atlanta, Georgia signed to Rise Records. The band was formed after vocalists Tyler Carter and Michael Bohn departed from their old band Woe, Is Me.


EP: Black Diamonds (2012)

Issues burst onto the scene with your typical Metalcore sound but with a twist. Black Diamonds gives us heavy instrumentals and hardcore riffs with the incredibly melodic voice of Tyler Carter during the chorus’s which reminds us of early 2000s boy bands but in the best way possible.


EP: Diamond Dreams (2014)

Diamond Dreams was just a straight R&B album, with incredibly catching tunes and any pop fan would love this one! I can’t say the same for most metal fans however, this one didn’t make it to the charts.


Album: Issues (2014)

The self-titled album from Issues features a unique blend of Metalcore and R&B, while usually something that would be looked down upon in the metal community, this is the exception where the mix was done perfectly. Giving us catchy songs such as “Late” and “Mad At Myself”, the tunes on this album are heavy enough for any Metalcore fan, but soft enough for the casual pop fan.


Album: Headspace (2016)

Moving on up from the first album, Headspace delivers an even more unique sound showing use of interesting jazz like chords with distortion and some of the funkiest bass slapping I have heard. The pure raw talent of each member of the band is showcased in this album, from Tyler’s high clean vocals to Skyler’s funky bass grooves.


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You can catch Issues at Melbourne’s iconic Flemington Racecourse on March 24th as part of the inaugural Australian edition of Download Festival.

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