Having formed all the way back in 1982, Primal Scream started out by dipping their toes in the Indie Pop scene before taking on a mixture of psychedelic, dance and garage rock influences: this change in sound led to the band’s breakthrough 1991 album Screamadelica. Since releasing Screamadelica, Primal Scream have gone to release another eight studios albums, as well as performing numerous shows all around the world; February 2018 is Australia’s turn to get to see Primal Scream on our shores once again after a five year wait!

Overdrive got to sit down and speak to long time Primal Scream member Andrew Innes about the upcoming tour, the fact that it has been a five year wait between visits down under, as well as the fact that Primal Scream are going to be performing a greatest hits show that also features heavily on Screamadelica.

The first topic of discussion was about how excited Innes and the rest of Primal Scream were to get back to Australian shores; Innes was quick to mention that “it’s brilliant; believe me when I say we’re ready for it!” before elaborating further:

It’s getting cold and towards winter time here, so it’s something to look forward to. We can’t wait to get back to Australia and play some music; the last time we were there was 2012 I believe, so it’s time we got down there again! It’s always good fun touring in Australia, as we always make so many friends and it’s one of the better places to travel to and perform.”

When asked if there was a specific city that Innes was most excited to come back and visit, Innes was quick to point out that “I can’t answer that; that’s a loaded question (laughs) If I did answer, fans from everywhere else we went to would be coming up and saying how we said the other places were better (laughs again) It’s not even a 50/50 answer either, as there are five cities that we’re going to! It just feels good to get back onto Australian shores and party. Mind you, I am excited about getting back to Melbourne though for one reason; I can’t wait to go back to Pellegrini’s for the coffee!“

This interviewer was curious as to how Primal Scream have been able to keep the creative juices flowing through a career that spans four decades; Innes’ first comment was how “we just turn up, we go sit in a room together and we just try to make new music” before going into greater detail:

“I don’t what else we would do, as we’re musicians and that’s what we’re used to doing! Whether we are trying to make new music or we just get together and jam old songs; we do it because we love doing it. Plus it’s a lot better thought than having to get up and do a proper job between Monday – Friday (laughs) Could you imagine me going for a job interview as a librarian or a school teacher: ‘So what have you been doing for the last thirty years?’ ‘Well…I’ve been in a band, making noise and having a good time!’ If you had told me that in 1986 that I’d be going on a tour to Australia, I’d have just laughed at you; we never thought that it would have made it beyond Christmas, let alone turn into a career. We just got so lucky that ‘Screamadelia’ has allowed us to keep going in doing what we are doing, instead of having to get a job to put food on the table or a roof over our head; we’re absolutely blessed and just lucky!”


In the presser that came alongside the interview requests, it stated how Primal Scream were not only going to be performing a ‘greatest hits’ set, but they were also going to be focusing on Screamadelica. When asked what was the motivation behind creating such a performance for the Australian crowds, Innes was quick to quip “to be perfectly honest with you, when the previous interviewer asked me about this, it was the first time I had heard about it myself (laughs) I have no idea where that came from, but we’ll be playing a good set; the fact we’ll be touching on Screamadelia sounds like a press release comment, so I guess we will have to start practicing the songs on Screamadelia since we’re going to be playing them (laughs again)”

When this interviewer mentioned that it was time to pull out all the old tab books for practice, Innes let out a small chuckle before commenting that “you would be better going onto YouTube, because there are all these little fourteen year old kids who play guitar better than I can; I’ll go check a couple of those out, as they’ll be showing me exactly what I should be playing! Back when I was trying to learn music, we would have to sit down with the album going or slow down the record to LP speed so you could try and work it out; now thanks to YouTube, it’s great because there are about forty different people showing you how to play it! That’s why kids these days seem to be really good players; they don’t have to struggle and try to work out what the guitar player was playing like we did. Nowadays, if I want to work something out I don’t sit down with the record playing; I just go onto YouTube and someone will be able to show me how to do it. It’s like having your own personal guitar teacher, its great!”


So just what does that the future hold for Primal Scream after they return home from Australian shores?

“Now that’s a tricky one! I guess we would do a new record; I don’t really know because we don’t plan too far ahead. As I said earlier, back in 1986 we never expected to get past 1987. Between getting excited about coming to Australia next year, as well as writing a couple of new songs is about as far as I’ve got planned ahead; if you were to ask one of the other guys they might have something different to tell you. But as far as I’m concerned, I’ve only got plans up until next March when we return home.”