What is the definition of “perseverance”? “Persistence in doing something despite difficulty or delay in achieving success.” We only had to wait seven years to finally hear the new album by Medusa’s Gaze, an album which will turn a lot of heads, that’s for sure as it is totally relentless and epic – from progressive layers of sound to total intensity. This band knows the definition of perseverance so well as this album reflects how this band went with their business. You can’t take your eyes off this album when you first hear the first notes the energy is emanating like wildfire. OVERDRIVE spoke to Ryan Pearce, lead guitarist of the band, about how Medusa’s Gaze keeps him loving what he does – which is music – and how much music means to him.

“Most of the writing process had finished about 2-3 years ago. Adam (vocals) just had to finish the lyrics off and we had to get some permanent band members before we could do any recoding. The recording process was done by me and we did it at my house. The drums were first. We did them in my little recording room I had. Then guitars came after that; bass; then last was vocals.”

“I mixed all the songs. I’m no professional but thought I could do a good enough job to get away with it. We then sent the mixed versions off to Italy to get mastered by MathLab Recording Studio (Altered Shade, Words That Burn).”

The final product is an onslaught of riffs, heavy bass lines and groovy drum patterns. Rise Of The Gorgon is a beast of its own kind. The title is enough to send shivers down your spine and certainly it does. There’s not a single moment where this album lacks intensity. Combined with subtle passages it creates the perfect atmosphere. It beckons to listen carefully as this album ravages anything on its path and musically is a journey.

“ very rewarding to have our music out there finally. But there is still a lot of work to be done to get people to listen to it – but it’s been pretty positive at this point.”

Pearce’s eldest brother passed away. For many this would’ve been a total distraction and probably the band would’ve been put on hold to grieve, but instead they soldiered on and finished the album. Sometimes what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger and this was added fuel to get the album out there; to show the metal masses that Medusa’s Gaze was a serious business.

“Music is a part of me, so it wasn’t an issue to carry on doing the album. It did take a bit of a break but the quicker you get back into things, certainly helps in bringing your life back in motion. Sure, you need time to grieve and you never get over it, you just gotta keep doing what you do, and for me, that’s music.”

They also were due to play a gig just a few days before his passing, but instead they chose to play than to sit and mourn and dedicated this gig to Pearce’s brother.

“Music is what I live for so to do that gig made sense to me. I couldn’t have not done it, pretty much. I didn’t feel like I was under pressure.”

The music the band has created was totally mind blowing. But this band is not resting on their laurels and they are ready to keep writing more music and keep the momentum going.

“We have just started writing new songs and hope to have them finished pretty soon, once the album launch has settled down a bit. It is very crucial we all have input into the song writing process – that gives us our sound. We have been through a number of band members and they were all excellent musicians, but they didn’t have the dedication. So the line-up that we have now I think we are all on the same level and we are already writing some new stuff.”

It looks like the Medusa’s Gaze’s machine never stops. They are more than ready for their album launch. But life throws curveballs along the way and this was no exception as Adam McDonald decided to leave the band after he moved interstate – a blow that has left the band a bit unsettled. But if they want to go to the next level this band needs to find someone and carry on.

“Well he said he was leaving this year but then his partner had a baby so they had to stay for another year. Honestly, we were a bit bummed because it means we will need to look for yet another member. And to be able to sing and scream is not something a lot of people can do. I was even considering going back to vocals, but I’m not sure I can sing as high as Adam !”

Indeed, it will be a hard task as McDonald’s vocals are very predominant in this album, with his unique style. But this band can’t stop as momentum is crucial and when momentum is going it’s hard to stop a band. But the road to success is a long way and this band wants to be a part of the metal scene and do well. So we ask what are the plans for the future?

“We are hoping to head over east for a few shows next year. There aren’t any tours underway yet, but we are working on a tour in the near future. It can be hard when we all have full-time jobs also, so we can’t be active as much as we’d like to at this stage.”

Yes, the road to success can be hard specially in the metal industry but step by step Medusa’s Gaze can be a force to be reckoned with. Keep your eyes peeled as this band wants to mingle with the heavyweights of this scene and they have no fear.

Get Rise Of The Gorgon here.