Vocals & Bass Guitar: Aaron Pauley

Lead Guitar & Backing Vocals: Phil Manansala

Rhythm Guitar & Backing Vocals: Alan Ashby

Drums & Percussion: David “Valentino” Arteaga

Of Mice & Men are an American Metalcore band from Costa Mesa, California who formed in 2009. Since their formation they have released 4 (soon to be 5) studio albums with many line up changes taking place throughout releases.

Album: Of Mice & Men (2010)

Your classic Metalcore album featuring heavy breakdowns left, right and center with the classic unique screamed vocals of original vocalist Austin Carlile and once again unique vocals from then rhythm guitarist & clean vocalist Shayley Bourget (now from Dayshell). This album also featured original bass player Jaxin Hall.

Album: The Flood (2011)

More or less a direct follow up from their debut album except this time with a more mature and more powerful sound. This time featuring former member Shayley with more of a lead role with his clean vocals who had also switched from rhythm guitar to bass guitar following the departure of Jaxin Hall and thus introducing current guitarist Alan Ashby to the mix.

Album: Restoring Force (2014)

Following Shayley’s departure from the band, Of Mice & Men recruited former Jaime’s Elsewhere vocalist Aaron Pauley to take over the role of bass guitar and clean vocal’s. Restoring Force once again shows the band growing even more with much more aggressive songs while still sticking to their unique melodic sound.

Album: Cold World (2016)

The most recent album to come from the Of Mice & Men camp, Cold World shifted in direction once again giving us a more Nu Metal like album being the first time then screamed vocalist Austin would give us clean vocals alongside Aaron. Once again we saw even more maturity out of this album, proving that Of Mice & Men will continue to evolve with every release.
This would also be the last album to feature Austin who left the band due to his unfortunate on-going health issues, leaving bassist Aaron Pauley to take over the role of lead vocals.

Album: Defy (2018)

Since Austin Carlile’s departure the band have released two singles from their upcoming album Defy showcasing new lead vocalist Aaron Pauley’s raw vocals. This album is sure to be aggressive!

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You can catch Of Mice & Men at Melbourne’s iconic Flemington Racecourse on March 24th as part of the inaugural Australian edition of Download Festival.