Finland’s Melodic Metal band Scars Of Solitude are set to release their debut album Deformation, on the first of December 2017 via Inverse Records.

Formed in early 2015, the band’s core started with Tuomo Laulainen (Lead Guitar), Niki Kuivakangas (Drums) and Lassi Pollari (Bass) and is completed by Mikko Ruuska (Vocals) and Antti Kettunen (Rhythm Guitar). The five-piece say the band “sounds like Autumn- it’s kinda dark, rainy and cold but still rich in both beauty and colour despite all the despair”.

This was my first introduction to the band and I have to say, these guys really surprised me. Scars of Solitude have elements of that classic European sound but it is cut back to the bone. They have created their own eerie world for you to hang out or just visit awhile. The raw energy that this album portrays is unexpected. On the initial playthrough, I feel I could hear traces of old school metal mixed in with bands like Dark Tranquillity, Wintersun, and Shape of Despair.

Deformation explores the world in its darkest moments, moving between the softness of a whisper and the harsh screams. When the passionate soundscape starts you are taken on a journey. This is a raw and dark road that twists at your very soul. This is sometimes not pretty, and you can be taken back by some of the aspects.

“I Remain Here is the first stop and sets the mood for the entire album. Kicking the whole thing off with a single haunting riff that builds to powerful composition. From there you are moved through to “Drown, the grit of this song really sets you up for track three on the album the bands first single “Enemy”.

“Enemy”, released this past october and has to be one of their heaviest songs on the  album. It has been met with a very good response. The band were happy and celebrated on Facebook when it had received over 3000 listens on Spotify.

While all eight songs that are included on Scars Of Solitude debut album Deformation can hold their own, the standout song has to be track six, entitled “Emotional Graveyard”. This song will stick in your head and quickly became a favourite from the first listen.

The atmosphere is beautifully portrayed by Tuomo Laulainen on lead guitar throughout the whole album, and with a unique take on delivery, vocalist Mikko Ruuska drives the storytelling with pure emotion, as the content bleeds melancholy, he is not looking for the perfect note, but rather the feeling. This is a testament to his individuality. The band as a whole complement each other and I feel they have made an album true for themselves, and I respect that.

I really enjoyed this album and would recommend that you check out their single “Enemy” below. If it is something you are into then grab a copy on December 1st.