Band Members:

Ben Burlow – Vocals

Fil Thorpe-Evans – Bass, Backing Vocals

Dani Washington – Drums

Matt West – Rhythm Guitar

Sam Bowden – Lead Guitar


Neck Deep are a Welsh Pop Punk band formed in 2012. They’ve found success since then and are currently signed to Hopeless Records. They’ve got 2 EPs and 3 Albums, before Download gets here, let’s have a look over their discography.


EP: Rain in July (2012).

Upbeat, yet heavy. As far as Pop Punk bands usually go, Neck Deep are a heavier take on what we’ve seen from the genre. Rain in July has a lot of attitude, hard and fast instrumentals, and even leans dangerously closely to sounding almost akin to a metalcore vibe, although it still has it’s softer songs to balance out.

EP: A History of Bad Decisions. (2013).

Sounding like a direct sequel to the first EP, they’ve retained their sound. Upbeat melodies comprised of distorted guitar, attitude filled vocals and slamming drums. If the first 7 songs didn’t satisfy you, here’s three more.

Album: Wishful Thinking (2014).

Neck Deep’s first full length album. All of the elements from their first two EPs make a return, but the overall sound is more refined this time around. If you’re a fan of the band, they’ve got everything you’ve come to love, as well as something new like new guitar riffs and new melodies.

Album: Life’s Not Out To Get You (2015).

This next album features what we’ve seen before, but with more structure in the songs, as well as sounding groovier and a lot more jammy. This album is where I’d direct new fans, as the music is true to their overall sound, while being the most unique and accessible. I’d personally say this album has the most heart in it.

Album: The Peace and the Panic (2017).

The Peace and the Panic can very clearly be seen as the culmination of all elements and sounds we’ve heard from Neck Deep but that’s not surprising, being their most recent album. These guys are very clearly evolving beautifully as their career goes on. The songs are funky and easy to jam along to and if their shows are as much fun as their songs, they’ll make for great performances this coming Download!!


Check out some of their videos!

Happy Judgement Day



Can’t Kick Up The Roots



Gold Steps (Live)



You can catch Neck Deep at Melbourne’s iconic Flemington Racecourse on March 24th as part of the inaugural Australian edition of Download Festival. Get your tickets HERE!