The Plot In You have announced that their new album Dispose will be released on 16th February, 2018. The Ohio rock band – composed of Landon Tewers (Vocals), Josh Childress (Guitar), Ethan Yoder (Bass) and Mathis Arnell (Drums) – have crafted a truly unique take on modern rock, transcending genres from metalcore to alternative. With Dispose, the group is ready to undertake a new journey with a fresh vision, taking a collective step forward, which showcases the group’s eclectic style and creative flair. Produced by Drew Fulk , the 10-track album explores the lasting effects of a toxic relationship, and serves as The Plot In You’s most personal record to date.

The record’s announcement comes alongside evocative new single ‘Not Just Breathing’, which is a track that is indicative of the band’s new direction, moving into a truly epic musical realm.

Frontman Landon states “‘Not Just Breathing’ is about cutting ties with someone who is dead weight in your life and dragging you down, always hoping for the best for that person but coming to terms with the fact that you need to move on with your life in a separate direction from them.”

‘Feel Nothing’ was the first track from the album to be revealed when the band announced their signing to Fearless Records. The music video has racked up almost 2 million views in a mere few months.

Dispose is our proudest release so far, it’s almost a complete restart on the band. The music has continued to naturally evolve in the way that we have wanted it to for a long time and we have a complete team at Fearless helping to roll it out which has been refreshing.”