SE BON KI RA, a name that’s grabbed your attention over the last 10 years, are currently celebrating a decade of destruction. From sold out local shows to the likes of Soundwave and Big Day out these boys have done it all you could say. So, we sat down with Vocalist Chad Cosgrove to talk about the band in its current form and what’s next on the list for them.

With a career spanning a decade I really wanted to look at the current state of the band and what SE BON KI RA is today. “We’ve been through a big cycle and we’ve come back hungry. We had a lot of life get in the way you know, a lot of stuff has gone on in our personal lives that slowed things down but now we’ve got a new rehearsal room and the hunger is back.”

Now it’s not often a band of 10 years keeps the same lineup, every band has their ups and inevitable downs and to push through those is an achievement in itself. Chad found himself reflecting on this very thing recently. “I was thinking about it the other day, with the 10 year show coming up, and I was trying to think of any band that hasn’t had even a single lineup change and I couldn’t think of one to tell you the truth”

it’s no secret that Adelaide has it a bit tough in their metal scene, What with international acts starting to skip the State, however, the boys in SE BON KI RA still call it home and I was curious as to Chads thoughts on the scene in Adelaide and how it has been to the band. “Yeah, it’s treated us well but its definitely died off a bit lately. A lot of bands are doing the heavy djent thing so that’s gaining a fair following, but we stick to what we love. It’s also the price of everything man, its so bloody expensive, I thinks its hard for people to go out and spend hundreds of dollars and then wonder how you’re going to pay rent for the week. That’s what I put it down to, it’s too expensive.”

So in an industry and climate that is rapidly changing, such as the metal scene, I put the question forward, how do you stay relevant? “I guess if you’re up with trends, keep with that, but in the same aspect I’ve always been passionate about just loving what you love. We’ve stayed with the thrash groove things as its right up our alley. I listen to a lot of new stuff but I find myself going back to what I grew up with and what I love. Stay passionate to what your into, don’t be told what to f****g do.”

After picking Chad’s brains regarding the things that surround the band, it was time to really focus on what they do. Having released 1 EP (One Thousand Ways to Be) and 1 album (In the wake of change) I was a little surprised, other bands of their age could have released as many as 4 albums in that time. “We’re really proud of the quality we achieved, especially with the album, but like I said earlier, a lot of life got in the way. There was a lot of personal stuff going on in the background that made it hard for a while. We worked through it all, we’re all mates and stuck through it together and that’s why we’ve got the hunger back, we’re all focused, the fires back and its burning hot.”

Staying on course regarding the music I reached out for comment regarding the writing process and if there’s been any changes across the time. ”We Jam a lot but we’ve moved into using drop box, we all record riffs and send them to each other. We also get together and have riff sessions, I play guitar as well so I get in with them so we’ve got 3 or 4 heads on it rather than just two. We can’t always get together so we can send things through and be in touch via the internet.”

Having not had the pleasure of seeing SE BON KI RA live I was curious as to what one might expect at one of the bands shows “ridiculous comments from me! I still don’t know why they give me a microphone. High energy, were all pretty excited about this next show. We don’t really plan it, we do it all off the cuff you know, I’m probably going to throw something at the drummer. A lot of happiness and good energy in the room.”

As the interview came to a close, with all the talk of having the hunger back, the fire burning red hot and the band being ready to go, I had to wonder what was next for the band. “New tunes, that’s what we’re pushing for at the moment. Just trying to get as much written and get back out there with some new stuff basically. We don’t want to get out there to soon without anything new, we’ve been playing that stuff for a while now, its time for something fresh and the material that’s brewing is sounding pretty sweet.”

Now before I wrapped everything up, I wanted to try something a bit different and so I asked Chad, if he was to ask himself a question, what would it be?  His answer was “Would you do it all again” followed by the response “f*****g ay man”. I think that’s a perfect close to the interview.

SE BON KI RA celebrate a decade of Destruction on the 24th of this month at the Edinburgh Castle Hotel in Adelaide alongside locals Octanic and Arcadia, who both also turn 10 this year.