Metal fans of every corner of Australia, rejoice and prepare yourselves for a metal onslaught from the Californian melodic-death metal five-piece, visiting us in Australia in February/March in 2018. Below this article will detail and provide you, in no particular order five reasons, of many, to make sure you check out Once Human while they are in your town.

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Reason number one – THE BAND

Once Human are a band bringing their own blend on the melodic death genre, a style often being compared to the legendary Arch Enemy, yes the obvious comparisons are there, female vocalist doing death growls but the band provides something else. Individual tweaks allowing Once Human to create a band that boasts a ruthless blend of genres through their two pronged guitar section of Logan Mader and Max Karon providing an intense mixed style of death, metalcore and groove. Damien Rainaud provides the huge bass notes and Dillon Trollope delivers the huge double-bass sounds on drums with each bringing their own devastating elements to the band. Guitarist Logan Mader described Once Human as a “Swedish heavy metal vibe, a little death metal, little djent, but just metal, where they wrote for the album, not to fit a specific genre”. Once Human currently have two albums, ‘The Life I Remember’ released in 2015 and their sophomore album released in 2017 called ‘Evolution’.

Reason number two – LOGAN MADER

To those not in the know, this band possesses metal royalty, the Californian group’s guitarist Logan Mader experienced resume includes guitarist on Machine Head’s albums ‘Burn My Eyes’ and ‘The More Things Change’. Playing with Soulfly and Medication, but his main work over the last decade has been as producer, mixing and mastering for big names such as Gojira, W.A.S.P., Devildriver, Fear Factory and Five Finger Death Punch. Having Mader in the band gives Once Human access to an immense talent and skill base that has definitely been activated in the most recent release Evolution with its diverse range and enormous dynamic sounds.

Reason number three – Lauren Hart

Lauren Hart, homegrown talent doing huge things, expect some “AUSSIE, AUSSIE, AUSSIE” chants to come out with the striking vocalist delivering some auditory annihilation to fans all over Australia. Hart speaks openly of her inspiration Angela Gossow and their comparisons but she like many female vocalists have carved their own path in the male dominated genre leaving crowds with jaws dropped. Another impressive feature of Once Human is that Hart takes on the total vocal presence in the band both clean and death growls.

Reason number four – An Intense Live Show

Come and enjoy the huge metal presence of Once Human, with their intense live show debuting here for the first time in Australia. With an Aussie lead singer, could we expect something special for our gigs? To try to describe this, we can look at a specific example such as hearing a special cover song, Machine Head’s “Davidian”. Ever wanted to know what Machine Head could be with a new vocalist, here is your chance with a crowd pleaser for all metalheads that will be sure to deliver a roaring response. Once Human have a diverse range that should please all sorts of metal devotees, ensuring that this tour brings every venue insane mosh pits, headbanging and sweaty body strewn across the floor.

Reason number five – Support your Local!

This reason may be the most important of all. Once Human are bringing TWELVE, yes you heard right, TWELVE huge gigs to every corner of Australia, voiding the “it’s too far away excuse”. Not only are you getting some amazing international guests for a great price, but also you will be supporting Australian metal, the venues and bands from all over Australia in support of Once Human. With In Death (QLD) bringing their death and thrash sounds, Rise of Avernus (NSW) doing the progressive gothic and doom metal and Hollow World (VIC) who will bring their variety of melodic, death and black metal presence to the stage, each doing local bands proud. We as a community need to support venues that are making the effort to provide us with amazing bands. Also do yourselves a favour, go early, bring a mate, buy a drink, have a great time, make some memories! The community is full of great people and it gives you a chance to show the world why Australia deserves its place on the map in the world of metal!