I’m just going to say this right now before I even start this review… GO OUT AND BUY THIS ALBUM BECAUSE IT IS INSANELY AWESOME!!


Hailing from Sydney, Dreamers Crime is a band that I feel like I wouldn’t know who they were if it wasn’t for OVERDRIVE giving me the opportunity to review their album. I know absolutely nothing about these guys but fair to say after hearing No Compromises I think EVERYONE should know who these talented individuals are.

This album opens with “The Pulse“. At first I was expecting your typical modern Metalcore type song. With funky single note riffs and what not, but as soon as the vocals from front- man Pete Repousis kicked in I knew that I would be in for an experience. Giving off a more Alternative Metal vibe than anything. Pete’s amazing voice meshes so well with the melodic sounding instrumentals to make a wonderfully created song. “The Pulse” was definitely a good choice to kick off this album.

Up next is “We All Know Now” and it caught my attention instantly with the opening hardcore styled riff. I am hearing so many different styles of Alt. Metal in this one, and I can happily say that Pete’s voice kind of reminds of that of Egypt Central’s former vocalist John Falls, while the instrumentals remind me of a heavier Three Days Grace with the simple yet effective chord progressions and the awesome sounding breakdown reminding me of Of Mice & Men.

Third in line is “I Believe In You“. This is certainly an interesting track, it is much heavier than the first two but the vocals still manage to keep the same vibe throughout. Also the chorus in this one makes good use of the “minor” chord progression giving off a kind of horror vibe. The extended scream over the breakdown got me pumped to say the least! So far so good!

Here We Are” is a much more laid back song, making good use of clean guitars throughout the verses and then taking a step forward during the chorus’s. Once again I must compliment these amazing vocals, they’re extremely powerful and grungy in the best way possible! Pete if you just so happen to read this, keep doing what you’re doing!

I have to be honest, this album is actually really hard to write about. Not because I have nothing to say, but simply because everything is so great I am trying to not repeat my words with every song I talk about. They’re all amazing for the same reasons… They’re powerful, uplifting, there’s so many different styles being channeled into each track, they’re heavy but they’re not. I personally believe that whether you’re into the heavier music or not, you could get behind these guys, they’re doing everything right.

Let’s fast forward a bit to the end of the album… This album ends on an extremely high note with the soothing acoustic track “Love Kills Heroes“. Dreamers Crime have just proved they can do anything and they can do it well. This song screams pure emotion and I think it’s safe to say it’s my favourite from this album, and that’s saying something, because I love my heavy music but everything was just perfect, from the melody to the instrumentals to the overall vibe.

The only thing I can really fault this album for is the lack of uniqueness in each song. While every single song I have heard sounds absolutely amazing, they’re all still extremely similar to the point where there were a couple of times that I wasn’t sure if the song had changed.

Now with that being said however, I understand that is a huge plus for most people, these guys have their sound and they’re showcasing that sound with every single song, but me personally, I like when each song has its own unique voice if you will. But don’t for a second let that distract you from the fact that No Compromise is an absolutely phenomenal album. I will definitely be keeping an eye out for future releases.

I really hope to see these guys signed one day, with talent like this they deserve much more exposure.