Therein are a Progressive Metal band hailing from the inner suburbs of Brisbane, Australia.  Their driving influences are taken from all across the musical spectrum, citing the likes of Frank Zappa, Opeth, DeathKing Crimson, Tom Waits, and namely Dream Theater (just to name a few). They’re always striving to push their limits and musical boundaries, and provide their audiences with memorable moments unlike any other. We at OVERDRIVE got to listen to their upcoming single, ‘Divide’, and it really is something to behold, especially because it’s something they produced themselves!

The trio that comprise Therein are Kned Gulliford (Drums), Ryan Boyd (Guitar), and Cameron Whelan (Vocals, Secondary Guitar, Bass).


The opening riff of ‘Divide’ will dig hooks deep into your skin, and have you both mentally and physically trapped within melodic brilliance. The instrumental work throughout the track is absolutely superb, namely the guitar work of both Whelan and Boyd. Gulliford’s tenacity on the drums is nothing to be laughed at, either. Throughout the track there are musical breaks that mimic those of Dream Theater, tying back into their influences as a band, which add depth to an already solid instrumental performance and further demonstrates Therein’s quirky nature.


Whelan’s vocal abilities are brilliant, with bellowing growls and high toned screams that hit that sweet spot ever so nicely, and compliments the instrumentals behind him perfectly.


What we have here, ladies and gentlemen, is a solid amalgamation of musical talent. If this is what they’re dishing up as a single, imagine what they have in store moving forward when they start producing full length albums?