Cancer Bats are a name that most Punk fans within the last decade will recognise. Even though they hail from Toronto, Canada, they have been well loved and appreciated worldwide! Whether it be whilst heading their own tour or as a support, remaining founding members Scott Middleton and Liam Cormier have graced many a stage and blown many a roof off; this is before we talk about the amount of house roofs have been lifted thanks to their five studio albums. No strangers to Australian shores, Cancer Bats are going to be supporting Frank Carter and the Rattlesnakes on their February 2018 tour. Cormier was kind enough to take some time to speak to OVERDRIVE about the upcoming tour.

First topic of conversation for the interview was how Cancer Bats got to support Frank Carter and the Rattlesnakes on the upcoming Australian tour next year. Cormier mentioned how, “I don’t know what stars aligned exactly to make it happen. We just got an email fired off to us by one of the people at Surreal Alliance,” before going into more detail about what took place:

“They were asking ‘would we be into this’ and when we saw it, our response was ‘hell yeah we’ll do it, it’s gonna be sick’ and it was as easy as that! I don’t know if it was the band putting it out there, but we’ve known Frank forever, as well as being homies with all the guys in the band and crew. I’m just really stoked they thought of us, because I thought that it’s going to be great. I love Australia, I love those dudes, it’s cold in Canada in February, it’s not cold in Australia, it’s perfect.”

Knowing that Cancer Bats have toured Australian shores on multiple occasions, this interviewer was curious as to which city Cormier and the band were most excited to perform in again. Cormier’s response expressing that, “You can’t choose your favourite child!” was the perfect way to lead into more discussion:

“All the dates on that tour are going to be wild. I don’t think there’s any dates that are, ‘Uhhh… I don’t know,’ as they’re all bangers. There’s no way that the people in Perth aren’t going to go nuts. It’s the same for the fans in Brisbane or the kids in Adelaide, which is why I don’t think any of these shows are going to be boring. I definitely cannot think of any place in Australia over the years where I’m thinking that it’s going to be a dud. If we were to look at it the other way and make it about ‘What would be the worst show?’ I know that all the shows are going to be insane. Plus looking at the venues, all these shows are booked in rad places and everything is primed for a good time!”

Touching on the fact that Cancer Bats are in a supporting slot on this tour instead of headlining, this interviewer wanted to know whether Cormier had a preference to being the main support band or the headlining act. Cormier was quick to express that, “I’m quite easy and I like the vibe of both! In the case of this tour where we know the other band, we’re most definitely stoked and down to be direct support. Being direct is super easy as you get to rage super hard, then you watch your buddies go and play a sick set. It’s a bit of a no-brainer in this situation,” he laughs. “Headlining is super fun though, especially the last time we were down, as we had great local bands such as High Tension. I feel we’re very spoilt for a good time. I’m down to clown!”

Cormier took a break from being his humorous and banter-filled self, to allow OVERDRIVE access to a more personal insight on this topic:

“I do feel that the two are very interchangeable. It’s not like we play any different of a set. Plus we’re very lucky because we always get to support pretty rad bands when we do support, so I feel like the vibe for a great time is still there. When we’re touring with homies, its like nobody’s set. You’re just having a great night, hanging out and it doesn’t matter who’s playing first or last. I know we’ve had this when we’ve been playing with support bands and kids are calling out for extra songs. We were recently on tour with Touche Amore and kids were calling out for an encore. Even though they only played one more song, we were saying, ‘Play more songs, I want to hear more songs as that was sick!’ We’ve been lucky in the way that we’ve never been on really harsh tours, where these guys are the boss and you can only play X number of minutes. Our whole entire career we’ve been able to circumnavigate that bullshit, which we’re quite lucky for!”

Just what can those who haven’t seen Cancer Bats live expect? There’s no better place to find out what to expect than from the frontman himself! Cormier didn’t hold back anything, as there’s no point keeping anything a secret!

“For those who have never seen us before, there will be four sweaty Canadian men on stage. Most likely 3/4 of them will be bearded, depending on where I am in my month. There will be lots of sweat, spit, headbanging; there might be a little bit of barf. There will definitely be a sick pit and I would say 97% smiles. I feel like it’s a pretty great evening out! That being said, there’s no problem with just standing at the back, not getting in the pit and just smiling. That’s most definitely more than welcome as well. As long as you’re having a good time, it’s up to you what you do. Spend the night on the toilet if you want!”

Last topic of the interview: is there any good news that Cormier wants to deliver to Australian fans before they arrive in February? Cormier kept it short and to the point, although there isn’t really any reason to have said more:

“We’re currently working on a new album. That you can deliver with 100% certainty! When, I don’t know. What it will be called, who knows? Will it be a ripper? I will try my damn best, but that’s all I can probably say at this stage. We won’t be pulling a Tool, where we’re suspended in animation,” he laughs.


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