Jerkbeast, are five dudes from Melbourne, Australia coming together to form a punk band. Their third endeavor into the music world is an album called Wasted Daze. The instruments are all pretty even in how strong their presence in the songs are. There’s no one dominant element here, it’s just dudes having fun thrashing their instruments and there’s a lot of charm and character in that.

Wasted Daze is an album with merely four songs and none of the songs reach three minutes, a very short listen. But that doesn’t mean in any stretch of the imagination mean that it’s bad or of lower quality or anything like that. It’s as the saying goes, short but sweet. That’s exactly what this album is, short and sweet.

There’s only four songs to dissect so let’s get to it, shall we?

The first song comes thrashing right out of the gate, “Pace Yo Self” is energetic and fast, everything you’d think to expect from good old punk music. Faster than you can focus on, the guitar, vocals, drums and bass all zoom past your ears as the short 1 minute 23 second song ends. This song, I can say in confidence does not pace itself, although that might be point.

Coming in second is “Trash Baby” and it does the same as “Pace Yo Self”, with a bit more of a melodic break in between parts of the song, where there’s a chorus of vocals and more of a traditional melody clashing against the punk rock sound, a bridge with some cleaner vocals chimes in towards the end of the song make this song a bit more varied and by extension a higher point in the four track album, which is a great thing because without these unique breaks in the songs this album would be treading dangerously close to sounding all too similar.

“Upper Middle” is the third song and it starts off slower and more relaxed, with a really appealing into that builds up exponentially, like a fire being lit, the guitars, bass and drums get more and more bombastic over time, by the time the vocals come in, it feels like a really satisfying payoff, the song, like all of them, is short, sweet and to the point but an awesome little listen. This song is probably the softest song in the album, making it the most unique in comparison to the other songs.

Finally we come down to “Wasted Daze”, drums kick this titular song in, followed by the chaotic cacophony of instruments which make up the “Jerkbeast” sound, which by the time you get to the end of the album is pretty distinctive in your head. This song has a break to the usual structure towards the end. This song is emblematic of the band and more or less, punk in general. Nobody wants to waste their days away, and you certainly won’t be wasting yours by taking the time to listen to these four songs. It’s an overall, good time.

Now, it’s time for criticisms.

While this album was a good time, the only criticism I can think to give are that it’s a little bit repetitive and most certainly wouldn’t be to everybody’s taste due to how thrashing and punk it is. But then, pleasing everybody isn’t really the point of punk now is it? Overall, these guys did a fantastic job and you can definitely tell there’s a lot of love, and DEFINITELY energy put into this album.


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