Who here remembers MySpace?


Well for some people, it was THE space. You had the rivalry of the “scene kids” against the “emos” and the “goths”. There was, however, one band that was able to mend things between the rivalry and bring them together with good music. No I don’t mean My Chemical Romance, I mean Joplin, Missouri band Never Shout Never.

With the tour aptly named Throw Back Tour, it is easy to see that we are in for a performance to show all that they have done since forming back in 1997.

With time fast approaching to the tour our teenage selves would be completely jealous about and “throw back” to the days that we were young, we are bringing to you the best five reasons as to why Never Shout Never’s Australian headline tour will kick ass!

  1. Playing The Yippee EP in full


The Yippee EP from 2009 is being played, in full, for the first time ever on our shores. It may only be four songs long but it’s one that broke into our hearts and brought us into the world if Never Shout Never with songs like ‘Heregoesnothin’ and ‘Bigcitydreams’.

The Yippee EP will definitely show how much the band has matured together and how far they have come since the release in 2009 as a lot can happen in eight years and not just for them but everyone else there.

  1. Playing Me and My Uke in full.


With yet again another first on Australian soil, Me and My Uke is going to be played, in full, as well. Featuring the hit single ‘Trouble’, this alone will be one of the main reasons why any fan will turn up to any of the shows across Australia. It is the number one must have EP for all Never Shout Never fans and to hear it all and have the chance to sing your lungs out to the songs that have probably been replayed more than your favourite video games.

With Christofer Drew bringing out the classic ukulele, it will be a beautiful to just watch and listen to his amazing vocal work while joining in the sing-along that we dreamed of while listening to it over and over.

  1. The rest of the show is fan requests


Yes. You read that right. Something that is rarely done by any artist or band. You, the fan, will be able to try and have your requests played live so your night can be complete by hearing your favourite song you never thought you would ever hear live.

With a large catalogue of releases from 2009’s The Summer EP through to the 2015 album release of Black Cat, there’s a total of six albums and nine EP’s to choose from to make any fan happy. Fan favourite singles ‘Can’t Stand It’ and ‘Cheatercheaterbestfriendeater’ are a large possibility to be played and will definitely make the night for some.

  1. It’s all of Australia, not just the usual east coast tour


Since Soundwave, the term “Australian tour” has meant that it’s an east coast tour of Australia hitting the big three cities (Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane) with the odd one also travelling to Adelaide.

Not this time!

Never Shout Never are starting their tour out west in Perth on November 29th before heading east. This makes it one of the lucky few shows that Western Australians can go to locally and not have to spend a shiny dollar to come east. It is a much needed change as many westerners have had to go out of pocket to get to one of the larger cities and flights plus accommodation all add up in the end.

  1. Everyone at the show will have similar stories as Never Shout Never understood you like you thought no one could


This is very much a personal one for all the fans. The vocals of Christofer Drew brought out the emotions that many fans were feeling at the time. There will be many memories that will be coming back to those and with how upbeat Never Shout Never can ve, they will hopefully be the fond memories of the good times in the times when things looked maybe a little bleak.

Honestly, who wouldn’t love to spend time with all those who understand you. Hopefully we’ll also get a few memories shared by the band as well to make the night just that little more special. Afterall who wouldn’t love to hear some of the special memories from Christofer, bassist Taylor Macfee and drummer Hayden Kaiser.


The tour is coming up quickly as well. With tickets on sale, make sure you jump at the chance to see one of the acts that made a lot of our teen years.


Be sure to catch Never Shout Never on the following dates:

November 29th – Amplifier Bar, Perth

November 30th – Corner Hotel, Melbourne

December 1st – Enigma Bar, Adelaide

December 2nd – Crowbar, Brisbane

December 3rd – Oxford Art Factory, Sydney