Things are heating up for DEMONSTEALER’s upcoming release which has a series of guest contributions. In addition to the previously announced drummers such as Krimh of SEPTICFLESH, ex-DECAPITATED and Romain of BENIGHTED, NECROPHAGIST, there are now two renowned bassists who’re going to be on the album. The first one is Arran McSporran of VIRVUM, DE PROFUNDIS and the second one is Stefano Franceschini of ABORTED, HIDEOUS DIVINITY. The lineup is looking very formidable and there is some serious talent on offer here. Both bassists have released videos announcing their contributions on the release HERE and HERE respectively.

DEMONSTEALER’s founder Sahil Makhija has this to say about it all –

“‘I’ve known Stefano and Arran for a long time now and I did record bass for 2 tracks on the album and I will be for 1 more. However the level of difficulty of all the tracks is varying and I felt I needed a helping hand with the bass playing so I hit up both Arran and Stefano and they agreed to be part of the project. The project just seems to have expanded and the planned EP has become a full-length album with Kevin Paradis playing 2 songs, David Diepold doing 2 as well and myself playing drums on a track as well. I’ve also got a couple more musicians to announce. All I can say is this project is so much fun and I’m loving the ability to collaborate with such incredible musicians from all over the world.'”

DEMONSTEALER currently have a crowdfunding campaign going on and have so far reached 174% of the target. The Pledgemusic link can be found HERE.

DEMONSTEALER is the solo project of Sahil Makhija who is the founding member of one of India’s biggest bands, DEMONIC RESURRECTION. He dons multiple roles and the music too is completely in his own vision with ample experimentation and collaborations. The previous DEMONSTEALER album received much praise and saw the release of several official videos in its support. The new album is said to be more death metal and with a number of exemplary musicians slated to be a part of it, it’s highly anticipated around the world.

DEMONSTEALER have also recruited the services of renowned Indian artist Reuben Bhattacharya (Visual Amnesia), who did the breathtaking artwork of the latest DEMONIC RESURRECTION album which you can see below.

Please find details about the previous DEMONSTEALER album below.

DEMONSTEALER (India/International) – ‘This Burden is Mine’

Genre – Progressive/Experimental Death Metal
Release Date – March 26th, 2016
Record Label – Demonstealer Records (India)

Sahil Makhija aka DEMONSTEALER, helming bands like DEMONIC RESURRECTION and REPTILIAN DEATH, teams up with none other than George Kollias of NILE fame on drums, to release a groundbreaking album in ‘This Burden is Mine’. With a vast experience and multiple instrument proficiency, DEMONSTEALER, on the new album create music that surpasses simple genre categorization, for this is a new blend of styles from all over – from death metal to thrash metal, laced with elegant and stunning atmospheric parts, propelled by the world class drumming of the legend George Kollias. This is a new epic coming from the biggest names in not just the region but also worldwide, and this could very well be a tour de force, the album we’ve all been waiting for. The album showcases rare maturity, with DEMONSTEALER indulging in melodic solos and accentuating them with moments of clean vocals. This is easily the most ambitious release to come out from these parts and it’s imperative to give ‘This Burden of Mine’ a check.