Formed in 2014 and hailing from the far reaches of Perth, Western Australia, Deadspace are a band that have accomplished one hell of a lot in their short amount of time. Straight off the bat, 2015 saw the release of the band’s first full length studio release, ‘The Promise of Oblivion’. Rooted deeply in the black metal and DSBM genres, this album gained the band plenty of attention in Australia’s underground scene, thanks to excessive touring by the band to promote it.

Deadspace quickly followed up in 2016, with the release of ‘In Ecstatic Sorrow’ in May, and the ‘Gravity’ EP in September, which dealt with the themes of birth, life, death and rebirth. Both releases saw the band expand on their original style, incorporating new elements to truly make the music their own sound.

All throughout this time, the band was constantly touring Australia, opening for bands such as Whoretopsy, Rise of Avernus, Collosvs and LORD. The constant touring saw the band solidify themselves as main players in the black metal scene all across the country, with their unique and atmospheric live show a must see for any fan of the genre.

2017 is absolutely the year Deadspace have paved their own future and set themselves ahead of the pack. The band signed with Austrian label Talheim Records, and released the ‘Reaching for Silence’ split EP with U.S DSMB band Happy Days as their first output under a new label. The split was released on September 30th and features new tracks as well as a re recorded old song.


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Big things began early in the year for the band though, with the writing and recording of their new album ‘The Liquid Sky’ around Easter time. The current lineup of vocalist Chris Gebauer, guitarists Oliver Royer and Thomas Major, bassist Shelby Jansen and drummer Herb Bennetts wrote the album on an alcohol binge that ended up inspiring the lyrical content of the album itself. ‘The Liquid Sky’ drifts away from the band’s past releases musically, with more post rock influences coming in and a change in sound that the band has stated they feel more comfortable playing. Fans need not fear though, as the new album is unmistakably still Deadspace and features the same style you know and love, while still exploring new territory.


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Even though the year is almost over, the band has saved their best for last. ‘The Liquid Sky’ will be released on November 15th, just in time for Deadspace’s huge first Japan tour, supporting Italian death metal kings Fleshgod Apocalypse alongside fellow Perth riffers Earth Rot and Australian metal titans Psycroptic. Upon coming home, they will be supporting English goth metal band Paradise Lost on the Perth date of their upcoming Australian tour, as well as heading over to Melbourne to play at the Brimstone Bookings Fest on December 16th.

With plenty more touring to follow in 2018, keep your eyes peeled for exciting news from Australia’s fastest rising extreme metal band.


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