Beginning the voyage into sound, with the spoken word of screaming songstress Loz Sutch who leads the transmission with opening and title-track, “Neath a Shin Ei Sun”

Like a rocket launched into the outer limits, it isn’t long until the band come full pelt with the dual guitar of Inverted Crucifox (Fox from Nancy Vandal) and Search & DesTroy (Troy from Daredevil, Mortal Sin) The pummelling bass of Jaytanic Ritual to Mr Styx, the force behind the kit comes across as thunder in threatening skies.

The spoken second slab of spoken word is somewhat reminiscent of The Rocky Horror Picture Slow, with Sutch welcoming “brothers and sisters” as what starts as a mellow (Led) Zeppen-isque backing riff turns into a ringing solo with Sutchs’ overpowering vocals.

Things only get better with stand-out track, “Edmunde” which showcases a range to reach the stars and beyond, with Sutchs’ vocal abilities on display. The bluesy intro and vocals welcome the occult rock which increases tenfold with infectious riffs and solos, any more infectious and they would cause a plague.

The hard rocking riff of “Opium Den” is sure to bring on massive head banging in the Judas Priest vein; neck-braces may be the result before Mr Styx lets loose a little cowbell to the catchy chorus. It isn’t long until the pace picks up with growls of Jaytanic Ritual (Jay from Frenzal Rhomb) beckoning the call.

Electric Fairies” is a fusion of the bluesy side of (Black) Sabbath with Skyhooks, think “Fairies Wear Boots” meets “Horror Movie”; the fun track is a standout among standouts. The stomping riff of “Burning” is ensured to burn the house on down in the name of good old Aussie rock with Rose Tattoo coming to mind, longtime guitarist, Mick Cocks surely giving a horns up from the heavens.

Not letting up from the fast-paced “Sup the Potion” to the enchantment of “The Way of the Wizard” with its captivating guitar tone and inspiring riffs which will cast spells along with guitar licks and solos which will take hold like a dragon guarding its princess. A Dio vibe is given with imagery of wizards and the like, with the man Ronnie James Dio, giving devil horns alongside Cocks without a doubt.

With only eight songs there is no filler in-tact, something which is missing these days, getting back to the old format of the 70’s where most Black Sabbath or Deep Purple records had eight or so tracks, as opposed to fifteen these days which include at least two or three rotten apples, there is no need to switch to the next track.

The epic, “We Shall Triumpth” closes the album as all good things must come to an end, but who’s fooling who as you would be daft not to hit repeat and crank the album many times over. Surely a contender for album of the year! The Neptune Power Federation seem to improve each release when it seems near impossible after the faultless Lucifer’s Universe (2015).

With a rating of 99.9 out of 100 you ask why the extra 0.1 wasn’t given, just give that score a flip for the number of the beast, that’s full marks right there! Support your home-grown talent and get down to a show sometime!


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