This edition of Top Shelf Tuesday focuses on three artists from different genres who all fell into different realms of the same genre. From the new wave of Gary Numan to the black metal of Mortiis and the death metal of Peter Tägtgren. all artists met at the crossroads of the Industrial Aftermath!

Gary Numan


British musician Gary Numan who was born Gary Webb in Hammersmith, London, started out in the new-wave group Tubeway Army releasing two records, Tubeway Army (1978) and Replicas (1979)

“Down in the Park” (Live from London 1980) taken from Replicas (1979) by Tubeway Army.

The second and final record saw two singles, “Down in the Park”, which has been covered by artists such as Marilyn Manson and Foo Fighters, and “Are Friends Electric?”

“Are Friends Electric?” (Live from Manchester 2003) taken from Replicas (1979) by Tubeway Army.

Numan released his first solo record The Pleasure Principal (1979) with three singles released, “Metal”, “Complex” and the song which most know Numan best for being “Cars”.

The single was covered by Industrial Metallers, Fear Factory, with Numan himself featuring in the nifty rendition.

Fear Factory (Feat. Gary Numan) “Cars” taken from Obsolete (1999).

Numan made eleven albums under his own name – with two as Tubeway Army under the new-wave electro-pop genre. Sacrifice (1994) was the first of the new Industrial sound, sometimes sounding industrial/goth rock, other times sounding like the heavier side of Industrial.

“The Fall” taken from Dead Son Rising (2011).

Numan’s most recent efforts started with Splinter: Songs from a Broken Mind (2013)…

“I Am Dust” taken from Splinter: Songs from a Broken Mind (2013).

… And the follow-up, Savage: Songs from a Broken World (2017)

First single, “My Name Is Ruin” features backing vocals from Numan’s eleven-year-old daughter Persia.

“My Name Is Ruin” taken from Savage: Songs from a Broken World (2017).



Peter Tägtgren

Born in Sweden, at the age of nine, Tägtgren learned drums, later taking up the guitar, bass, and keyboards. After moving to the United States he became part of the Death Metal scene. When his first band Conquest called it a day, Tägtgren would take practice sessions with Malevolent Creation‘s guitarist, Phil Fasciana.

After returning to Sweden, Tägtgren formed death metal group Hypocrisy, which began as a one-man band.


(1991- On hiatus)

Hypocrisy signed to Nuclear Blast releasing their debut LP, Penetralia in 1992.

“Left to Rot” taken from Penetralia (1992).

Since their debut LP, Hypocrisy has released a further eleven full-length records…

“Roswell 47” taken from Abducted (1996).

 “The Final Chapter” taken from The Final Chapter (1997).

Their latest offering from 2013, End of Disclosure shows that Hypocrisy has still got it!

“The Eye” taken from End of Disclosure (2013).

Although currently on hiatus let’s hope we see a return of Hypocrisy sometime soon!



Starting as a hobby for Tägtgren, PAIN ended up being a full blown group, again a one-man-band.

“Suicide Machine” taken from Rebirth (1999).

Blending heavy metal with techno and Industrial was the goal Tägtgren set out for himself. The result was music you could see aliens head banging their craniums to.

“Shut Your Mouth” taken from Nothing Remains the Same (2002).

 “The Great Pretender” taken from You Only Live Twice (2011).

Most recent effort, Coming Home, is out now via Nuclear Blast, and with each release PAIN improve whilst also bringing the PAIN!

“Call Me” (Feat. Joakim Brodén of Sabaton) taken from Coming Home (2016).



(2013- Present)

Apart from PAIN, Tägtgren also is part of the Till Lindemann (Rammstein) project, the aptly titled Lindemann, where he brings the industrial sound to the table.

“Praise Abort” taken from Skills in Pills (2015).

“Fish On” taken from Skills in Pills (2015).



Håvard Ellefsen

The Norway born musician Håvard Ellefsen was the original bassist and lyricist of black metal kings, Emperor!



Mortiis, as he was known, provided bass, lyrics and synthesizers on the Wrath of the Tyrant (Demo) in 1992 and bass, lyrics on the debut Emperor (EP) of 1993 – the split album with Enslaved’s Hordanes Land that same year – and As the Shadows Rise (EP), the following year.

“I am the Black Wizards” from the Emperial Live DVD, taken from the debut EP, Emperor (1993).



Mortiis left Emperor due different interests in music and started a solo career where he has released a number of records with first demo, The Song of a Long Forgotten Ghost (1993) and first LP the following year, Født til å herske.

Mortiis released four full lengths, five EPs, and two demos before providing lead vocals, starting with his fifth LP, The Smell of Rain (2001), which would end Era I which involved synthesizers alone.

“Smell the Witch” taken from The Smell of Rain (2001).

The Smell of Rain divided fans as it was the only record for Era II and there was an electro-pop sound to the music, breaking away from the ambience of Era I.

“Mental Maelstrom (Implode)” taken from The Smell of Rain (2001).

Mortiis felt he needed a backing band and the introduction of guitarist/bassist Levi Gawron, second guitarist Åsmund Sveinunggard and drummer Leo Troy on The Grudge (2014) brought on Era III.

“The Grudge” taken from The Grudge (2004).

Second and final single, after the self-titled, “The Grudge” was “Decadent and Desperate” which again divided fans but also gained new with the heavy industrial rock sound now present.

“Decadent and Desperate” taken from The Grudge (2004).

The next LP to be released was Perfectly Defect (2010), after the remix compilation Some Kind of Heroin (2007), taking on tracks from The Grudge. The seventh LP was an online, free download only.

It wasn’t until six years and the end of what seemed to be a five-year hiatus with singles released in 2015 from what would be the eighth LP, The Great Deceiver (2016) and the beginning of the new Era 0!

“The Shining Lamp of God” taken from The Great Deceiver (2016).

The line-up would see the return of guitarist/bassist Gawron who accompanied Mortiis once again with the same duo behind previous LP, Perfect Defect.

Mortiis proved that the demons were definitely back with this recording, a return to form indeed!

“Demons are Back” taken from The Great Deceiver (2016).

Latest effort, The Unravelling Mind (2017) sees Tim van Horn join the duo of Mortiis and Gawron on drums with, The Great Corrupter (2017) a compilation of remixes with Ogee (Chrome Division) accompanying Gawron on bass/guitar and Joe Lets behind the kit.