1 – His 80’s inspired style is some of the toughest stuff you will ever hear.

Seedy alleyways and high speed chases take hold of the imagination whenever Perturbator’s sleek yet mysterious tunes fill the air. Odd chord changes and crushing breaks amidst soaring synth leads make up the foundations of his music, with the 80’s vibe ever present. His music is intricately layered and the song structures build an amazing atmosphere. Pair that with a killer light show and prepare for one hell of an experience.

2 – He’s bringing his latest release New Model with him.

Perturbator launched New Model in September to rave reviews from fans and critics alike. Taking a step back from his traditional style, the new release expands in plenty of new directions while still retaining that classic Perturbator sound. You can expect to hear tracks from New Model, as well as old favourites in his huge headliner set.

3 – He contributed music to Hotline Miami 1 and 2.

What’s heavier than running down hallways shooting up drug dealers and criminals in a fury of blood and guts? Nothing. Especially when the soundtrack is comprised of dark and upbeat music from a variety of underground synthwave artists including Perturbator, who lent his hand at contributing music for the award winning game and again for its sequel in 2015.

4 – He has a metal background.

With a background of playing in Paris metal bands, He turned to the synth to be able to create music on his own. Kent has a side project called L’Enfant De La Forêt which mixes dark ambient with some black metal, trip hop and dungeon synth. As he describes: “It’s a very dark, depressing kind of thing. Well at least I hope it’s depressing because that’s the point of it right?”


5 – It’s his first time in Australia.

It’d be rude to not give him a whole bunch of support to celebrate his first time on Australian shores! This tour is hitting Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane and Perth so get out to a show and give him a huge warm welcome! When we spoke to Perturbator about the upcoming tour, he said he expects fans to go crazy at the shows, so we need to show him just how hard Australia can party!