Cavalera Conspiracy is an American Heavy Metal band founded by Brazilian brothers Max and Iggor Cavalera, both notoriously known for being the ‘founding fathers’ of Sepultura, as well as Max’s ties to Soulfly. Formed in 2007 under the name Inflikted (which was later changed for legal reasons), the Cavalera brother’s ended their near ten year sibling rivalry and have been producing some of the heaviest tracks you’ll ever bear witness to. Their live shows should come with a warning, because I’m telling you right now being caught in a Cavalera mosh pit could cost you your life (maybe an appendage, worst case scenario). Their latest release, “Psychosis” embodies the same ballsy, all out maniacal thrash metal sound that they’re notorious for, and doesn’t disappoint whatsoever.

Cavalera Conspiracy is comprised of band members Max Cavalera (vocals/rhythm guitar), Iggor Cavalera (drums), Marc Rizzo (lead guitar), and Tony Campos (bass).

The album opens up with Insane, ironic given the nature of the Cavalera Conspiracy and their tenacity whilst performing. Opening with a balls-to-the-wall guitar riff, and absolute blustering of the drums, the tone for what’s about to transpire over the next forty-odd minutes; nonstop carnage! Cavalera’s (Max) vocal abilities are outstanding, and hits that ‘heavy metal sweet spot’, whilst the instrumental support behind him is simply superb. This is what Heavy Metal is about! Heavy riffs, slamming double-bass work on the drums, empowering vocals, and an energy that cannot be surpassed! What a way to kick off an album!

Terror Tactics takes the gritty heaviness that was set up prior, cranks it up until the speakers are set to explode, and unleashes a musical onslaught that will rile up even the most timid of fans. It’s aptly named also, evoking dark undertones and the atmosphere of ‘terror’ throughout. Cavalera (Max) vocally cannot be faulted, and the support he has instrumentally can’t be either. This performance is flawless, as has been the album so far. We are only two tracks in, but this is possibly one of the best Thrash Metal albums I’ve listened to all year!

Wondering whether they can maintain this tenacity? You better believe it! Impalement Execution turns down the tempo slightly (in comparison to the first two tracks), but doesn’t lack the ballsy, maniacal instrumental work that we’ve seen throughout, and Cavalera’s (Max) vocals, well, need I really say more? It’s Max Cavalera!! The instrumental breaks during this track shine through with talent that pierces the veil with pinpoint execution. Absolutely brilliant!

Spectral War opens to the masterful brilliance of Cavalera (Iggor) on the drums, some of the best work I’ve listened to for a very long time! Instrumentally, Cavalera Conspiracy are at the top of their game; you can’t fault something that embodies perfection, can you? The guitar solo in this track, especially, creates instantaneous goosebumps and spinal chills. There’s somewhat of an air of impending doom, so prepare yourselves, because Cavalera Conspiracy are ready to suck you into the void! The ambiance work in the conclusion of the track is something to be admired too, slowing things right down and grounding you after bearing witness to such a heavy experience from the first four tracks.

Crom segues seamlessly from said ambiance, before returning to the same maniacal tenacity that Cavalera Conspiracy are associated with. If you’re a heavy metal fan, and you haven’t already stomped a hole through your living room floor from all the household moshing you’ve been doing, then I’d be bitterly disappointed. The instrumental work throughout Psychosis has been nothing short of a masterclass; fans will be biting at the bit for more, salivating over each and every riff that the band delivers, and Crom is no different from the tracks before it! Consistency is crucial when producing any album, and Cavalera Conspiracy haven’t just ticked that box, they’ve absolutely obliterated it!

Cavalera (Iggor) opens Hellfire with another mesmerising drum fill, combined with guitar work and ambiance that’ll be sure to call forth the tracks name sake (for those who didn’t get that, I’m talking about hell fire!). The echoed bellows of Cavalera (Max) transcends the track to an entirely new level, adding a level of depth that we haven’t witness yet through Psychosis. The ‘grungy’, other-worldly tones from the instrumentals transport you straight to the deepest corners of hell, and is one trip that you’ll want to keep experiencing over and over.

Judas Pariah embodies everything that Cavalera Conspiracy have treated us to thus far throughout Psychosis; masterful instrumentals, other-worldly vocals, and unfathomed tenacity. If they oozed anymore charisma than they already are, they’d need to start carrying around their own ‘slippery when wet’ signs. The guitar work in this track especially is something to be admired, with brooding undertones infecting each and every note.

The title track of an album instantly has a certain level of expectation, and Psychosis takes that expectation, lines it up, and bludgeons it until it stops twitching. It’s an instrumental trip that transports you to a plane plagued by darkness, however is somewhat comforting in its delivery. Somewhat subtle (in comparison to the tracks that came before it), this track acts as the ‘calm before the storm’, and if Cavalera Conspiracy are winding you down before their final act, you know you’re about to be blown away!

Excruciating upsets me, not because it’s a poor track, but because we’ve come to the end of an absolutely brilliant album! Remember what I said about the ‘calm before the storm’? Well, this is a hurricane that is going to rip right through you. The guitar work in this track is superb. The drum work is as solid as it has been throughout. The bass work hasn’t gotten as near as enough credit from myself throughout this review, but has been absolutely brilliant. This is a true culmination of everything the album set out to achieve, heavy metal dominance.

If you haven’t heard of Cavalera Conspiracy before Psychosis, then this is a perfect starting point to jump on board the bandwagon. They’re the personification of Heavy Metal, and nothing about them disappoints. Psychosis hits store shelves November 17.