Prepare yourselves for a return to form from Winds of Plague‘s newest release, the band’s sixth release provides fans with a new overhauled design that is a spirited continuation of their Samurai Warrior theme filled with 12 crushing tracks. This album is set apart from previous albums through its significant dark symphonic influences, the album flows extremely well creating a start to finish listening experience journeying through devastating valleys and emotive crescendos, but always with an aura of dark symphonic support. This key element is from new keyboardist Julienne Cowan who sets an incredible dark atmosphere and tone for the album to straight up aural decimation and puts her stamp on the band.

Blood Of My Enemy is a ferocious return album after a four year break from the band, vocalist and founding member Johnny Plague discusses that his creative energy came back and that he wanted to be back on the road after he had his time with family and got the grounding he needed from time away from touring. Whilst there has been many line-up changes within Winds Of Plague, the return of long time member Art Cruz on drums, also of the band Prong adds creative muscle and another strong impact on the album. Additional support from Bad Omens Noah Sebastian saw his involvement as producer giving the album a chance to thrive in a more organic environment free of the usual pressures according to vocalist Johnny Plague.

In comparison to earlier work of Decimate the Weak in 2008 and The Great Stone War in 2009 this album takes some steps away from their earlier styles of their straight deathcore style moving towards a seemingly more tailored sound, while keeping many of their signature traits of the band. Growth throughout the whole band, particularly Johnny Plague’s vocal performance is admirable as he provides an array of vocal performances throughout the album, whilst still preserving the individual intensity of each track. Blood Of My Enemy covers many genres from hardcore, symphonic, metal and straight up crushing breakdowns that all fans will recognise filled with blasting drumming performances and aggressive guitars fuelling the blazing metal firestorm.

Without trying to give too much away of the intricacies of the album, songs that will require particular attention for their emotionally evocativeness are the title track ‘Blood Of My Enemy’, their single ‘Never Alone’, and ‘Dark Waters’ are some of the tracks showing the bands potential lyrically and their musical abilities in creating and maintaining their themed albums.

The title track “Blood of My Enemy” is a complete killer, which will turn mosh pits from singalongs to massacres in its three and a half minutes. The synchronised backing vocals make this song a unique standout for the album and a new approach for the band, offering fans a glimpse into a potential broadening repertoire for the band. Winds of Plague have kept true to their signature sounds and origins while still presenting a new form of progression and development for the band. The lyrics maintain their powerful and intense “one liners” as singer Johnny Plague discusses in recent interviews, alongside heavy yet catchy riffs and matured brutal vocals designed for that in your face approach.

What more can be said, a long way from the origins, but a force to be reckoned with for the future. Make sure you check these guys out if a tour comes your way!