I have always had a big soft spot for Hollywood Undead as they were the band that broadened my music tastes and got me into rap. While I very rarely listen to them I have always loved songs such as ”Undead”, “Bullet”, “We Are” and “Everywhere I Go” just to name a few, so I was extremely happy to be given the opportunity to share my thoughts on their newest album Five. So let’s dive into what I am hoping to be a solid album.

The album takes off with “California Dreaming” starts off strong instantly giving us a fast paced song full of attitude. The opening riff reminded me of CKY with what sounded like an octave effect, and as soon as the chorus begun it was instantly stuck in my head. Definitely a strong opener!

Up second is “Whatever It Takes” and it is probably one of the most “head boppy” songs I have heard in a long time. The instrumentals on this are absolutely phenomenal and as usual the deep rapping just works. I can’t say much about this one, it’s just simply has a catchy beat and it makes me want to hit up the gym.

Bad Moon” brings it down a little bit with a more typical laid back beat. Although this track isn’t exactly my cup of tea, it is still a catchy song and it shows Hollywood Undead doing exactly what they do best, and that is show a good mix of rap and rock.

I will say straight up right now, “Ghost Beach” sounds like something you would hear from a boy band in the 90s or early 2000s… and I absolutely love it! Once again your generic chilled beat but the vocals just take me back to a more simple time, and for that I thank you Hollywood Undead.

Unfortunately “Broken Record” didn’t bring anything interesting to the table, while it’s still a catchy song it really just blends in with the rest and can be very easily missed if you had the CD playing in the background. It just sounds like “every other Hollywood Undead song”.

Again unfortunately “Nobody’s Watching” falls victim to the generic bug. While this song is not by any means a bad song, it just blends in with the rest and doesn’t stand out… when it comes to music I look for uniqueness. This just sounds like something you’d hear in the top 100 pop charts.

Well hello there “Renegade”, thank you very much for bringing us back to that raw attitude we like to hear from Hollywood Undead! I absolutely love this riff. In some parts I could almost compare this song to the latest Bring Me The Horizon album, only heavier! And then out of nowhere the breakdown hits and it’s fair to say, I was ready to “GET THE FUCK DOWN!”

Pray (Put Em In The Dirt)” (without trying to sound like a broken record) sounded like your typical Hollywood Undead song, very much reminding me of their 2008 album Swan Songs.

Cashed Out” literally sounds like something you would hear at a dance club. Am I complaining? Definitely not, I thought I was a gangster for the entirety of this one.

While “Riot” AGAIN sounds like something that would be playing in the club, it is hard for me to not enjoy the sounds I am hearing. I’m a metal head for life, but you would definitely find me getting wasted and dancing to this banger!

What’s that? Is that guitars I hear? Well now you have my attention once again with “We Own The Night”. We are delivered with yet another typical Hollywood Undead track with an incredibly catchy and powerful chorus. This is a huge statement, but those high clean vocals in the chorus reminded me of the late Chester Bennington. May he rest in peace.

Bang Bang” starts with a super jammy riff once again reminding me of CKY, I really dig this one as it keeps up the party vibe in the best way possible while still having a heavy riff in there.

For the majority of this album, the songs share many, many similarities, there wasn’t anything super unique, but it is still a good listen for any Hollywood Undead fan. I will definitely go back and give this one another listen, and I will DEFINITELY be chucking some of these songs on at the next party.