Ye Olde Skool Death Metal, How hast thou been missed, yes and it’s Old Skool not Old School because that’s where you went to get a boring education, not an education in the art of Metal!

Before us we have Spain’s very own Come Back From The Dead. I actually didn’t know they had died but anyway now they are back, from the dead as it where, the question remains (remains, ha-ha dead jokes are fun) as to whether or not they brought back enough mold and dirt and horrible stories with them.

Never fear Old Skool fans as you may rejoice! Death Metal fans also may rejoice! Heck we should all fucking rejoice in this short but tasty little snippet of the grave that CBFTD have kindly decided to share with us living types.

Paul (affectionately labelled Throat in the associated blurb) does his level best to sound like a man choking on a Tennis Ball whilst yelling at someone very far away, and I for one pity that man because it all sounds like he is in for one hell of a beating.

Hector and Miguel both on ye olde six stringed instruments prove their worth by backing said Paul up with riffing that should be noted as not just Old Skool, but pretty cool, with a smattering of the old and the new intertwined. As Crunchy as that old Chocolate bar with the rice shit in it, as deadly as that time you near choked on a Coco Pop.

Lago brings the Bass, the groove and the thunder of a man who has nothing to prove other than that he is alive and well. So alive and well that he wants to flog you with a Cat o’nine tails that has somehow lost five of it’s tails in a bar fight.

And finally the butt of all musicians jokes the drummer. The drums of Marcos (Sounds like a movie – The Drums Of Marcos starring Harrison Ford as the drums ha-ha) bring the beat and bring it hard. This guy is so capable that I would actually send him straight to the nerd class of Old Skool for the crime of paying too much attention to the teacher.

So now that we have dissected the recently deceased and the apparently resurrected Spaniards and all of their attributes, have you got the picture yet? This here is four textbook examples of classic Death Metal done just right.

Fancy a bit of Celtic Frost mixed in with your early Obituary? A touch of very early Slayer, and a smidgen of Kill’em All attitude lumped on top of a pile of almost Swe – Death tone and swagger? Take any band from antiquity on the heavier side that you care to mention and some of it could apply, but herein lies the lesson

What lesson you may ask? What, was I supposed to be learning here or something? IS THERE GOING TO BE A FUCKING TEST?? No, so just calm yourself there buddy. The lesson is one on how to grab all these vast Old Skool references and make them relevant now.

These Hairy Hirsute Hispanic Headbangers have been studying hard, and have applied all they have learned very well. Very well indeed