Walking into an already packed venue, through a sea of scene kids, one name was consistently heard throughout all the chatter; Polaris. The band (hailing from Sydney) has sprung out of nowhere, going from not very well known to a national phenomenon within the heavy music industry. Their success is evident with the band already having supported the likes of In Hearts Wake, Crossfaith, While She Sleeps, and will soon support Parkway Drive in January. This comes with an appearance at Unify 2018 too.

With a line-up like tonight’s where all four bands have a decent following we were sure to be in for a treat. Opening up the pit within the Brightside first was Daybreak, whom at first sounded like they were just a group of guys jamming together…but as their set went on their music eventually blended well and it brought a thunder in the pit and brought the eager moshers alive! With as much energy on stage as the crowd below them Daybreak showed us that whether you’re opening the show or closing it; you bring your A game and show whomever is watching what you’re made of.

Deadlights were up next and, regardless of the actions of a previous injury that lead singer Dylan Davidson sustained in Melbourne, they brought everything they had and more. The floor of the Brightside was full and a lot of punters were keen to hear tracks from Deadlight’s new album Mesma.

With a short half an hour set they burst through a bunch of songs from Mesma including ‘Attitude and Longitude’ which Dylan said the meaning behind the song is how much we need to care about our Earth and what is currently wrong with the planet.

While their music is heavy, smiles were shown all round as you could tell the band was enjoying what they were doing. It showed the passion in their eyes and makes the punters invest time in listening to Deadlights. Having seen them twice now (seeing them tomorrow as they support Northlane) they never fail to disappoint me with their sound or live performance.

Closing out with ‘Invisible Hands’ the crowd-surfing started to flow and this was a reoccurring appearance all night with the remaining bands; Belle Haven and Polaris.

Throughout the time I lived in Melbourne I never got to see Belle Haven live, and now I question why I never did. With an explosive and very personal performance from the band it was clear they had a fairly big fan base around Australia.

Forming in 2015, Belle Haven burst into the music industry with a positive and personal message from their lead singer. Having battled personal demons prior to the band, their music was his saving grace and is somewhere where he can express his feelings and have others understand those feelings.

During tonight’s performance he mentioned his struggles and how he overcame them with the help of his band mates which include his brother David, and that no one is alone in this world. This made the moshpit feel a whole lot more personal from the band to the fans and gunning through the song ‘Burn The Witch’ it showed.

With the rise of the band over the last 5 years, Polaris had a full house ready for the carnage about to unfold within The Brightside.

Opening with ‘The Remedy’ the pit went insane as it looked like punters were on springs with how high they were jumping. With bodies flying everywhere, the band took control and lead the venue down a long and windy road of their musical career.

With their new album The Mortal Coil due out next week, they treated the Brightside with not one but two new songs from the album. Now due to their clean vocalist Jake losing his voice, other band members from the previous bands (and even Ash Hull) joined in by singing those lyrics from a phone.

With songs like ‘Frailty’, ‘Lucid’ and fan favourite ‘Consume’ Polaris made the venue into their own personal hotbox, proving that they only can get bigger and better. Mentioning that soon they’ll be embarking on their first international tour the venue praised the band and yelled for an encore as they went off the stage. After a couple of moments, the band came back to play another fan favourite (which features Marcus Bridge from Northlane) ‘Hold You Under.’

With smiles on their faces and all four bands gracing the stage to take a photo with the sold-out crowd, Polaris just keep bringing it and proving that they’re becoming a fast track to metalcore fame not just within Australia but soon to be worldwide too.

While they aren’t touring Australia for a while, come January with Parkway Drive they’ll have eager fans awaiting the return to a Brisbane stage. With a solid amount of stage energy and hearts of gold, what’s not to like about Polaris? I’ll let you be the judge but I’m positive what’s written above sums it up.

See you in January, Polaris.

Photos by Andrew Treadwell.