Sydney’s own Polaris are a name well known throughout the Australian metal scene’ having spent the last few years touring Australia; they’ve also recorded and are awaiting the release of their debut album The Mortal Coil. The Mortal Coil is available for purchase November 3rd via Resist Records and is most definitely a long awaited for moment!

Opening track ‘Lucid’ sets the pace for the album, as there is a small drum intro before the gear changes and you’re thrown back into your chair by the ferociousness that Polaris have thrown at you; fast paced and face shredding, it really gets the head banging and is going to be causing quite a few crowd surfers sky high at live shows. ‘The Remedy’ has already been shared with fans on YouTube, so you already know how amazing this song is! ‘Relapse’ is a nice change of pace; as the instruments are a tad lighter, meaning that the screams sound a lot more venomous and the clean vocals are a lot more harmonic and angelic.

‘Consume’ is also available on YouTube, so do yourself a favour and listen to it here. ‘Frailty’ comes at you like a freight train; either you run out its path or you will get absolutely demolished as it runs right through you. The head most definitely gets moving and the inner drummer will come out in you, as you try to keep time with the insane skin work on this track. ‘In Somnus Veritas’ showcases the harmonic and angelic sounds that Polaris can reach with their instruments; the intro has a nice build up before the song gets a little heavier before fading out into complete silence.

The opening lines to ‘Dusk To Day’ set the story of losing grip and having to face those inner demons; this song most definitely is going to have fans singing back as they’ll all have experienced this feeling at least once! ‘Casualty’ starts with a bang, coming at you hard and fast from the opening seconds; this assault on the ears lasts for almost four minutes and if they aren’t bleeding at the end, you’re lucky to have survived. ‘The Slow Decay’ starts out extremely different to the rest of the album; the sounds are a nice curveball before Polaris lay the groundwork with their frantic guitar work and vocals being led by the destruction of the skins behind them. ‘The Crooked Path’ starts out with a nice piano intro, before the guitars and drums kick in, decimating any remnants of that classic sound we were treated to at the intro; this song was most definitely one of this reviewer’s personal favourites! ‘Sonder’ is the last song on the album and it starts out very heavy hearted, almost like Polaris are symbolising the close of the album with a burial; the lyrics describe the heartache and pain felt by someone who has gone through a very tough time in life, being completely trodden on and suffering negative after negative event. The Mortal Coils ends all of a sudden and is as if it was all a dream. If you haven’t decided to pre-order a copy yet, do yourself a favour and get onto it!