Lock up your mothers! Still rocking out since the best decade in Australian Rock History, the 80s, Dirty Rats exhibit ballsy bass-driven melodies, power-packed riffs, and vocal talents that remain true to their beginnings. Throughout their journey, the Melbourne rockers have not only maintained their sound, but also their dirtiness, which is evident in their latest release Rock n Roll”, which is sure to get rockers of all ages geared up. With tones likened to bands like Rose Tattoo, The Angels, and AC/DC, these blokes mean business!


Dirty Rats are comprised of band members Wayne “Richie Rat” Rich (vocals), Anthony “Chooka” Chapple (guitar), Jamie Beovich (bass) and Andy Thompson (drums).


The album opens with ‘Not Alone’, a balls-to-the-wall performance that kick starts the album with full force. Instrumentally, they pull zero punches; heavy riffage, ground shaking bass lines, and superb drum work. Vocally, Rich demonstrates earthy tones that ring true to the 80s rock era, which is something to almost sit back in awe and admire, as so many bands from that timeline adapt their sounds over time; Dirty Rats are still the same ballsy, dirty bastards that everyone knows and loves!

The opening riff of ‘Suicide’, holy shit! This is what true Australian rock ‘n roll is all about, ladies and gentlemen. Rich’s vocals hang on the edge of every note played by the instrumentals backing him perfectly. This is the type of track you want blaring through your car stereo, windows rolled down doing 200kms an hour! Strap yourselves in, you’re in for a wild ride!


‘Lowlife’ shifts the tempo direction of the album slightly in the beginning, but it isn’t long before the Rats come back in true fashion; pacey drum fills, heavy bass slapping, and guitar riffs that’ll have you reminiscing of the good ol’ 80s! These blokes aren’t the same youngsters they used to be, but boy they rock out like they’re in the prime of their lives!

So far throughout “Rock n Roll” we’ve seen a common trend with the instrumental openings of every track; each packed with a ballsy riff that will have rock lovers salivating, and ‘When the Money Runs Out’ is no exception. “Chooka” is in every essence of the word ‘The Man’, the talent he possesses behind that guitar is brilliant. Rich’s vocals are sublime, and the instrumental talents of Beovich and Thompson are nothing to be scoffed at either. They’re a well-rounded unit, which is a testament to how they’ve lasted as long as they have.


‘Notch in Your Belt’ exhibits the same heaviness we’ve witness throughout the album thus far, once again also presenting some superb riffs. Close your eyes and you can envision yourself in a bar with your mates, swirling stubbies of beer in the air while trying to sing along through drunken slurs. The 80s are still well and truly alive within the Dirty Rats, and they’re showing no signs of slowing down!

The tempo dials up a notch with ‘Everybody Bleeds’, which has the potential to become an instant pub classic (and that’s nothing to be laughed at!). Instrumentally solid, just as we’ve been treated to throughout the entire album thus far, and Rich’s vocals haven’t disappointed at any point. These blokes were built to rock out, and boy are they smashing it!


Open with another ballsy riff that’ll get the heart pumping? Sure! ‘Badman’ is a perfect combination of instrumental ability, and vocal talent. “Chooka”, as always, demonstrating his prowess behind the strings of his weapon of choice, including a little face-melting solo midway through the track. Thompson slamming away on the drums is an absolute machine – here’s your due diligence, sir!

Dirty Rats take the John Paul Young classic ‘Yesterdays Hero’, adding their ballsy flare and make it their own. Rich’s vocal performance is brilliant, and does the original justice, with the instrumental performances behind him being as superb as they’ve been throughout the album. This isn’t a cover, this is a re-imagining, and it’s brilliant!

We’ve come to the end of the album, and have found ourselves in ‘Rat Town’. Packed with heavy tones, mouth-watering riffs, and Rich’s vocal talents being showcased in ranges we are yet to have experienced fully up until this point, they’ve saved one of their best for last. With everything these blokes possess, why wouldn’t you be wanting to rock out in Rat Town!?


“Rock n Roll” is Dirty Rats debut full length album, and they’ve gone all out to ensure it’s one that is going to get the ball rolling for what is hopefully going to be many more to come. Absolutely brilliant work!

You can purchase ‘Rock N Roll’  from the Dirty Rats website HERE!