Recently OVERDRIVE got the pleasure of reviewing home-grown Torrential Thrill’s second album Nothing As It Seems; we instantly fell in love with what we heard. Click HERE to see why we gave it 85/100!

Not only that, Steve Morrell (Lead/Rhythm Guitar, Backing Vocals) was more than happy to answer a handful of questions that we sent over to Torrential Thrill’s band-camp; read on to get a nice insight into how things went down:

1) I know that the band was working on Nothing As It Seems for 18 months; how long were Torrential Thrill sitting on the final product before release day?

We probably sat on the album for a couple of months. Initially we had a few issues with the mastering in that the final product; it literally had a bass boom so big it made a Beyonce album sound like The Wiggles! Plus it kinda detracted from some of the other going on’s musically. We also timed the release around a launch show we had, as well as with the release of the first clip. Generally though we’re a pretty impatient bunch; we get ‘em out there as soon as possible and start looking toward the next thing.

2) What was it like getting to work with Matt D’Arcy at Basin Records?

Mr Darcy is a very talented man and has definitely helped us to grow through our song writing process. We have recorded both of our albums with him and I would definitely like to work with him again as a producer for future works. Through MARS, he let us have it our way a little in terms of the direction; whereas we had decided straight from the start of Nothing… that this album needed a sound and a consistent edge. Matt definitely pushed the limits in term of shaping the songs onto this album! We had 6 minute tracks become 3 minute tracks, we had guitar solos go straight into the bin; we were forced to write new sections on the spot. This was mainly because of the time frame we had set ourselves, so it was not always the most comfortable experience. But we’re stoked with the result; I now appreciate how integral the produce is to the final product.

3) Were there any lessons learnt during the recording of Mars that were bought into the studio this time around?

Mainly preparation; we went into Mars blind; this time round, we had the demo recorded prior. We also had a mini studio setup at Matt Morrell‘s house to round out sections;  we had specific sessions to work through some of the parts. We were a lot more organised! When you’re a self-funded release, time is everything; the quicker you can track, the more time there is for the fluffy stuff at the end. This is essential to working through a well-rounded product. I think we drank more this time too, but that might be a lesson for the next album!

4) Were there any songs from the MARS sessions that didn’t make it then, that have made it onto Nothing As It Seems?

Chris Malcher and I wrote a stack of songs when we played in an originals band about 10 years ago. One of the tracks, ‘Taking Over Me’ made it onto MARS – another ‘Wild Child’, made it onto Nothing…. We’re not really a recycle kind of band; if we have a riff or a hook or a concept worthy of something, we’re passionate to record we’ll work it through to try and find a way. We did have a few tracks which Chris literally re-wrote the lyrics for, during the recording session; these re-writes were based on a few things he was feeling or going through at the time.

5) What is your favourite song on the album to perform?

I’d have to day either ‘Human Zoo’ or ‘Waking the Neighbours’; both come off very close to the album and transcend well live. We normally get a reasonable response with those as well. Plus I have to mention the message within those tracks, that kinda ‘no nonsense approach’ kinda sums the band up really well too, It’s the sort of attitude we’ll look to explore on future releases.

6) Are Australia, or at the very least Melbourne, going to get to see Torrential Thrill perform soon?

Torrential Thrill play the Ding Dong Lounge in Melbourne on Saturday night November 4 and Mr Boogieman Bar in Abbotsford on December 1. We’ll also be releasing a music video for the second single off the album, the self-title track ‘Nothing As It Seems’ in early December as well. Not to mention, we’re hoping to find our way interstate in early to mid 2018!