ROAM have officially released the third single off their upcoming album Great Heights & Nosedives titled “Guilty Melody” today. Fans can stream the song now on Spotify or through Apple Music.

ROAM release their second album, the singalong gold that is Great Heights & Nosedives, on Friday this week via Hopeless Records. “Guilty Melody” continues to showcase the bands’ catchy songwriting and youthful energy, while exploring darker themes. With excitement towards “Guilty Melody”, guitarist/vocalist Alex Adam stated: “It’s really about a messy end to a relationship I went through last year where things got super weird super quick.”

ROAM announced they are releasing their second album titled Great Heights & Nosedives on October 13th, 2017 via Hopeless Records. The first single from the album, “Playing Fiction”, premiered in the UK on BBC’s Radio 1 Rock Show with Daniel P. Carter and can now be streamed on Spotify and Apple Music. The music video can be seen on YouTube here. The album is now available for pre-order through the band’s site, or on iTunes with an instant grat download of “Playing Fiction” here. Roam will appear at UNIFY 18.

Great Heights & Nosedives is due out October 13 via Hopeless Records.

Roam Great Heights & Nosedives is out October 13
via Hopeless Records/Unified.

1. Alive
2. Left For Dead
3. The Rich Life Of A Poor Man
4. Playing Fiction
5. Guilty Melody
6. Open Water
7. Curtain Call
8. Scatterbrained
9. Flatline
10. While The World Keeps Spinning
11. Home