The Ditto Looper is the looper from well-known brand TC Electronic. TC are known for building great quality stuff that is affordably priced. The Ditto, while small (read tiny), has one knob and one button, but packs more features than you can count on your fingers.

If you’re not sure what a looper is, here’s the 10-second intro – click the button to start recording, play something cool, click the button again to stop – now your cool riff loops over and over again. They’re fun as hell and are great for playing with yourself, alone, in your bedroom… Yep…

The Ditto, as mentioned, has loads of features, so it does more than just a click-play-click. The knob controls the volume, pretty simple, so let’s get right onto the button!



The Ditto has up to 5 minutes of recording time – you can literally record a whole song on it, or 7 songs if they’re punk. It’s true-bypass, if you’re into that kind of thing and so small that it’ll fit on every pedalboard, no matter how cramped it is.

The Ditto is the baby brother of the Ditto Stereo and Ditto X2 loopers, but size isn’t everything (so I’m told), the little Ditto has a big bark!