Wintersun will be making their way to Australian and New Zealand shores this November for a tour that came completely out of the blue, but has also been long-awaited. They’ll be touring their new opus The Forest Seasons, so you can expect absolute majesty on this tour. Here are five good reasons to get yourself a ticket and come along.

It’s Wintersun’s first time in Australia

That’s right – come to these shows, and you’ll be among the elite few to have ever seen Wintersun on Australian shores. Not only that, but there’s nothing like the emotional impact of the first time. For these Finnish Melodic Death Metallers, this is the farthest they’ll ever play from home, and they’ll be needing a warm welcome. We all know that Australians can provide that in spades, so it’ll be worth being there just to see the looks on their faces as they realise how much the far-flung Australian Metalheads love them. This is literally a once in a lifetime experience – if you miss it, it’ll never be recaptured!

The Forest Seasons is a masterpiece

Few albums can carry such diversity in a mere four tracks. The Forest Seasons captures so many moods that it could practically be different bands playing throughout. From soaring beauty, female choral parts and the most uplifting clean vocals courtesy of Jari Mäenpää you could possibly imagine, to cold fury and brutal, almost Blackened Metal to make the White Walkers of Game of Thrones seem fuzzy, this album has it all. Even in a year that’s been so strong for Metal, The Forest Seasons is up there with the best. As the current album, you’ll probably never see as much of live as you will on this tour, and it is an album that is absolutely worth seeing live.

The setlist is likely to span their entire career to date

Yes, we’ll all be there to see The Forest Seasons live, but long-time fans will be pleased to know that recent setlists have included songs from as far back as Wintersun’s self-titled debut album. With such long songs, naturally the sets have to be very carefully curated, but it’s fair to say there is likely to be something for everyone on the Australian tour – especially as this will be their first visit as previously mentioned, so there’s no excuse of, “We played that last time!”

Rolf Pilve of Stratovarius may be providing live drums

While we all wish Wintersun drummer Kai Hahto the very best as he recovers from his injury, fans of Stratovarius will be consoled to know that their absolute machine of a drummer Rolf Pilve will be picking up the live duties for Wintersun! It hasn’t been confirmed whether Hahto or Pilve will be drumming on this tour yet, but either way, you’re in for a treat. Stratovarius haven’t toured Australia since 2013, so this may be the first chance to catch Pilve’s work in a very long while! Pilve put on an absolutely stellar performance with Stratovarius when they were here, so you can expect him to bring his A-game if he returns to the Great Southern Land. Of course, If Hahto is good to play, Australians will be some of the first to welcome him back to touring!

Wintersun will be supported by Orpheus Omega and Claim the Throne

The support bands for this tour are some of the finest in the business. Claim the Throne list Wintersun as one of their primary influences, and it’s no surprise with their stirring brand of folk-infused melodic Death Metal. If you’re into Wintersun, these guys are a no-brainer. Not to be outdone, Orpheus Omega are no stranger to international support slots, having toured with bands as diverse as At the Gates, Sirenia and Lacuna Coil. Orpheus Omega are one of the very best Metal acts Australia has to offer. If you’re a fan of European Metal – and if you’re seeing Wintersun, then of course you are – be prepared to witness Melbourne’s answer to the Gothenburg sound popularised by the likes of At the Gates, Dark Tranquillity and early In Flames. This may be your last chance to catch Orpheus Omega live before they lock themselves away in the studio to record their new album, so make it count!