Roam have officially released the music video for their second single off their upcoming album Great Heights & Nosedives titled “Alive” today. The band premiered the song on the Hopeless Records YouTube channel.

With excitement towards “Alive”, Alex stated: “Alive came together as a culmination of a couple of songs we were working on when writing our new album Great Heights & Nosedives. Lyrically it sums up the album and defines our lives as a band. The song is really about the last year of our lives, but also a commentary on life in general. It’s about the countless times we got robbed on tour, certain relationships fraying and ending and the way we always seem to make it out by the skin on our teeth in every one of those situations. In general, life is all about highs & lows but it’s the way we deal with them that defines us. Sometimes life’s gonna throw constant shit at you and you feel like you’ll never see the other side of it but making sure you keep your head up and move through it is what’ll help you make it out alive.

Roam announced they are releasing their second album titled Great Heights & Nosedives on October 13th, 2017 via Hopeless Records. The first single from the album, “Playing Fiction”, premiered in the UK on BBC’s Radio 1 Rock Show with Daniel P. Carter.

Pre-order the album now through the band site now, or through iTunes with an instant free download of “Playing Fictionhere.