Texan-based metal outfit Nothing More may have started out with a handful of records that didn’t really bring their name up to higher levels, but since their 2014 self-titled, their name has been impossible to get away from, due to their profoundly outstanding tracks and incredible stage presence. Now, with the band returning with their fifth studio record entitled “The Stories We Tell Ourselves”, Nothing More are set out to bring more anthemic and fist-pumping pieces to the world.

I don’t know about the majority of those that have already heard “The Stories We Tell Ourselves”, but Nothing More, like their previous self-titled, have made this record feel more like a collection of songs than an actual album. One will understand that Nothing More’s track-listing carries more songs than the average band usually would with the usual eleven songs on every other LP. You may be worried about Nothing More being one of those bands that prefer quantity over quality. However, this isn’t the case with “The Stories We Tell Ourselves”, as the large amount of tracks that take place on this LP are all unique and diverse from one another. However, the concept of politics, personal struggles, love and more are transparent to the ears in vocalist Jonny Hawkins’ lyrics.

Going onto the actual tracks, Nothing More have given each recorded piece a different personality and really inoculate the record with precision and stability. While it’s difficult to keep the anthemic and arena-rock vibes going with great production quality and remain in a progressive state these days, Nothing More have treated the process as a walk in the park, with “Do You Really Want It”, “Go To War”, “The Great Divorce” and “Who We Are” as the evidence in this case.

You’ll find that Nothing More have embraced a handful of these tracks with some electronic-inspired and djent components that they showcase with their blend of hard rock, alternative and progressive metal music. Jonny Hawkins also displays a more unsettling side of his vocals, which one can interpret in “Don’t Stop“, but he also maintains the melodic ascension of his tenor range. Guitarist Mark Vollelunga incarnates plenty of low-tuning riffs as he usually does, but he also induces each song with plenty of harmonic sections that help steer the tracks toward an uplifting and charmingly aggressive attitude, with bassist Daniel Oliver and drummer Ben Anderson providing great rhythmic patterns that help accent each song more fluently and naturally.

Overall, “The Stories We Tell Ourselves” has proven itself to be a very mature and steady full-length for Nothing More and the basis of prog and alternative fans. Some may be turned off by the amount of tracks that take part on this LP, but I promise you when I say this – With Nothing More’s name rising around the world, it’s safe to say, that rock and metal is in good hands with these guys. The more you keep yourself attached to “The Stories We Tell Ourselves”, the more you’re able to understand the power and dynamism of Nothing More, and why they’re shaping up to be one of rock and metal’s most innovative acts of the current decade.