Welcome to the third installment of ‘Prospecting The Underworld’, the weekly column dedicated to the search for underground metal from around the globe.

This is proving to be an incredible column to produce, with the most obscure searches always returning gold. Get ready to see what the world has to offer this week!

Everfall (Bolivia)

We start this week in La Paz, Bolivia with symphonic metallers Everfall. They’ve been around for nearly 9 years, but in a common theme for this column, the countries we’re uncovering have had little to no metal scene, making it difficult for bands to break through. Everfall combine operatic vocals with their personal brand of heavy metal: Lots of power chords, lots of double kick, galloping rhythms and layers of synth strings. Last year they released an album called ‘Beneath The Shade’ and there’s a few videos to look for as well. For fans of Nightwish and Evanescence.

Darkest Path (Hawaii)

Hawaii, home of the Ukulele, the hula and getting lei’d. Oh, and melodic black metal, naturally. Multi-instrumentalist and vocalist Paul Karaffa is the man behind the astounding solo project, Darkest Path. His debut album ‘Apostasy Of Man’ was released in 2014, shortly after the release of a single called ‘The Incorruptibles’. If there is any downside, it’s the clean vocals. Karaffa’s demonic scream voice suits the music much better.  There are blistering leads and relentless high-tempo double kick and blast beats. While you listen, you’ll have to continually remind yourself that it all came from the hands and throat of one person.

Tengger Cavalry (Mongolia)

Ok, strictly speaking, these guys are signed to a label but you have to have this experience. Tengger Cavalry consider themselves to be nomadic folk metal. It sure is heavy metal, but when you add throat singing and a Mongolian instrument called a Morin Khuur or Horsehead fiddle, things start to get a little unhinged. Tengger Cavalry is the creation of a brilliant Chinese/Mongolian musician Nature Ganganbaigal. The band formed in 2010 and has been prolific in releasing their music with around 7 albums under their belt. In 2014 Ganganbaigal released a solo album and also composes music for film and games.

Maysaloon (Syria)

With everything that’s currently occurring in the middle-east, we’ve become conditioned to consider Syria as a war-torn wasteland. While that is a very relevant description based on what the media are reporting, it’s absolutely not only the doom and gloom us westerners are exposed to. Meet Maysaloon, a melodic death metal from Damascus. These guys have been together since 2015 and this year released their debut album ‘The Forgotten Dawn’ as well as two singles. The lyrics refer to Middle-Eastern mythology, war and ancient philosophies. At the moment, their sound requires some polishing, however as they gain experience, Maysaloon have the potential to become huge.

Lamasy (Madagascar)

Out of all the sub-genres of metal, black metal seems to be the one popping up in the most arcane locations. Charles Darwin spent a lot of time in Madagascar, there’s no mention of the evolution of black metal, we checked. So what does Madagascarian black metal sound like? Lamasy is the answer. This band has been together around 10 years and has two full-length releases: ‘Fanabaràna’ and ‘Faminaniana’. If you like bands like Dimmu Borgir, you’re gonna like Lamasy.

If you dig any of the bands featured in Prospecting The Underworld like we did, and maybe even if you don’t, share them around. Surely you know someone who needs some Mongolian or Madagascarian metal in their lives!

Check in next week for the next batch of precious metal we dig up!