Why the hell are you telling me about The Avenue Project?

Well that’s a great question, I’m glad you asked. The answer, quite simply, is because you bloody need to know who these guys are!

After some early lineup changes, The Avenue Project in its current guise was born only 1 year ago in Melbourne.  The band consists of two main vocalists; Chris Mercuri who delivers both clean vocals and fry-screams, and Jordan Williams who contributes his style of screams and growls. Bassist Tim Lucas provides the low-end as well as some backup deep growls. The string section is augmented by guitarists Alastair Drendel and Bob Corka and skinsman David Cowley completes TAP behind the drums.

The Avenue Project are not easy to categorise. Sure, they fit all the criteria for hardcore punk bands, but they tread the line of metalcore with the range of vocal tones and the use of djenty breakdowns. There are hints of various influences in the TAP sound including Suicidal Tendencies, Rancid and A Day To Remember. What’s great about this band is that while they loosely fit the hardcore punk genre, they really are just doing their own thing; producing good honest hard and heavy music. At the moment The Avenue Project would be right at home on stage in support of any current heavy act, but with a bit more experience and direction under their belt, you’ll see these guys headlining wherever they play.

To stimulate your appetite for The Avenue Project, there are two singles currently available, both of which you must check out immediately. The first single released was ‘Anarchy’ in early June which also has a lyric video you can watch below and the second single ‘Sediments And Crustaceans’ was released in late July. You will hear in these two songs how TAP can lay down some old-school short and fast punk but you will also hear the distinct impact these guys give it. If you do dig these songs, they’re off the debut EP ‘Havoc’ which dropped earlier this year and is getting some great reviews already.

Look, at the end of the day, what it comes down to is: you will love this band. Their instrumentation and vocals are meticulously solid and tight and given this is their first year, and as they continue to play, that symbiosis can only become even closer. It’s not going to take long either, you’ll agree with that after hearing their music. There’s an increasing popularity in heavier music, it’s becoming more acceptable across the board. There’s a feeling that this type of music will never be mainstream, but maybe bands like The Avenue Project will help change that.

For you lucky Melbourniacs, The Avenue Project have a show coming up at Plastic at The Royal Melbourne Hotel on September 28 and it will be well worth checking them out. Unfortunately the rest of us have to wait while the guys deal with the aftermath of the EP release but stay tuned, you will get your chance to see a band this writer predicts will go very, very large.

Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/album/0F4HA2B0IY4O3RjqZlUmZJ