So much has happened since 2008. Obama was elected president for two terms, Melbourne has been named the most liveable city seven years in a row, the Big Day Out and Soundwave festivals finished up, Unify Festival was made to massive success, tonight’s support Harbours formed and lead singer Matthew Wright has not aged a day. In the last nine years though, The Getaway Plan’s hit album Over Voices, Other Rooms is still an album that has been solidified into Australia’s Alt-Rock scene. Tonight is a celebration of that album and the success it has brought the band.

Richmond was busy as usual yet thankfully due to it being finals time for the AFL, there were no footy crowds to contend with while lining up and long-time fans were able to line up in peace in the excitement that was to come tonight. It was only the first of The Getaway Plan’s two sold out shows in Melbourne and the line was well around the side road before doors opened.

Jimmy Kyle of Chasing Ghosts kicked off the night with a solo acoustic set in a very intimate setting. People were still coming into the venue and Kyle took this time to get deep with those around, telling tales around the songs and throwing the odd shade at Wangaratta. The emotion thrown into each song was very evident and was just a beautiful way to kick off the night. Definitely a different sound that we’re used to from Chasing Ghosts, yet it was a very welcoming change in sound that brings out a new side to Kyle. With his finale being ‘Death,’ its solo sound has so much more soul in it than the band release that it will be good to see more solo work from Jimmy soon.

Triple J Unearthed 2016 winner Harbours hit off their night strong. The energy on stage was high. Being Melbournians themselves, they wanted to show the home crowd what they’re made of and for those who have never seen them before, this was sure to bring people into their fanbase. If you have never seen Harbours before, it is highly recommended to catch them when you can. Playing songs off their debut 2016 EP Nothing Stays the Same, those who have been fans from the start were treated to some of their favourite tracks like ‘Your Eyes,’ ‘Nothing Stays the Same’ and the finale to their set, ‘Pulling Teeth.’ Tory Robertson announced that this tour would be their closer for the year before heading on to write new stuff and proceeded to give us a taste of what’s to come with ‘Stuck in Between,’ which happens to be a fresh taste of their sound and leaves us fans excited to see what they have coming for us with the new album or EP. It looks to be an action packed 2018 for Harbours.

The crowd was absolutely pumped once The Getaway Plan came on stage. With their set split into two separate sets, the first 40 minutes was dedicated to their songs from the 2011 Requiem and 2015 Dark Horses. Everyone in the crowd was happy as they played songs that rarely get the recognition they deserve. Playing songs like ‘The Reckoning,’ ‘Move Along’ and ‘Dark Horses,’ longtime fans were singing along and getting warmed up for the second half of the set. Even in the fully sold out venue, people found the room to move and sway with the show being put on for them. The surprise of this set was the unexpected cover of Fleetwood Mac’s ‘Dreams’ with vocalist Matthew stating, “It’s the best song they never wrote.” Everyone joined in to sing along and enjoy it all. To close the enjoyable set, ‘Battleships’ brought with it a much heavier sound than what was played before. It was a good choice to finish on as the high energy the crowd was on would have to tide them over for the intermission and there’s no better way than leaving everyone on a heavy high.

The second half of the show was completely dedicated to the debut album Other Voices, Other Rooms. Playing the entirety of the album cover-to-cover, the moshpit quickly opened up around the Corner’s signature centre pole and everyone was going absolutely insane. The backdrop changed behind them to show the cover of the 2008 ARIA winning album. Having last played the album fully in Melbourne for Unify Festival 2017 to an absolutely insane crowd, the night’s intensity was on par to their set back in January if not crazier due to the fact the venue was full of fans there just for The Getaway Plan.

The best thing about tours of full, classic, fan favourite albums is that its just one big thank you to the fans for the support with one large singalong of songs that are beloved by the fans. It gives the chance to hear songs that people never thought they would hear live. Not many bands do these special tours but when they do, they’re nights to remember from all the years we would rock out to the album in our room.

Other Voices, Other Rooms may be almost a decade old and yet The Getaway Plan make it sound like it’s a new album all over again and has a very raw sound when performed live that brings the emotions each song offers to those attending. Songs like ‘Streetlight,’ ‘New Medicine (Stay With Me)’ and ‘A Lover’s Complaint’ may sound incredible on the studio album, yet live it brings them to a whole new level. ‘Shadows’ had people jumping onto shoulders and going insane but it was the song that was moved from its album position to penultimate song before encore ‘When the City Meets the Sea’ that had not one person in the Corner standing still. With the crowd singing at the top of their lungs, it had changed from being a concert to a full-on party!

To close the night with a single song encore was The Getaway Plan’s first ever song ‘Strings.’ A slow way to finish the night but one that die-hard fans fell in love with. It was a beautiful way to bring closure to what was a wild Saturday night.

With one more sold out show to do in Melbourne before heading on to Brisbane, Sydney and Adelaide, this Australian act is a must see for all those who have been, always been and would be fans especially when its their greatest album in full.