Calling all long time Metal fans within Australia; we have a question for you!

“How many of you are upset that the legendary Vader have only been able to grace our shores once before, back in 2007 as a part of their World Domination tour?”

If you answered “Me!” than you would most likely know that Vader are nearly on Australian shows at time of reading, as they are supporting the iconic Kreator on their Australian tour that starts on September 5th. If you didn’t, you best get online and purchase your ticket if it isn’t already too late (bad luck to anyone reading this from Melbourne or Sydney!)

OVERDRIVE got the opportunity to sit down with frontman Piotr “Peter” Wiwczadek and ask him about the upcoming trip down to Australia, as well as other topics, such as getting to play alongside a member of the European Big 4 of Metal in Kreator. The first topic of discussion was about how excited Vader are about the upcoming visit to Australia, considering it is only the second time that the band has stepped foot onto our shores in their 30+ year career. Wiwczarek opened the interview with, “As you already know, we’ve already been here several years ago and it was great! Of course we’re excited to be in Australia; how can you not be excited when Australia is one of the hottest Metal places in the world and you keep the spirit of Metal music alive. To get to visit again; it’s a big deal for me and a big deal for Vader, especially with us coming down with Kreator; it’s going to be emotional!”

Vader are getting the opportunity to set foot on Australian shores once again thanks to the legendary Kreator, but before they arrived they made a small stop in Singapore to perform for their fans over there. Vader in their own right are a huge act to get to see, so the fact that Australian fans are getting to see Kreator afterwards means that it’s most definitely a night not to be missed! Wiwczarek gave a small insight into the friendship and bond that these two iconic bands share:

“We just arrived in Singapore and just met for lunch about an hour ago (laughs). We’ve met Kreator and we’ve played several times before; if I remember correctly we’ve done two tours across America together, we’ve done a huge tour across Europe, we’ve also played Mexico together. They’re an absolutely great band and fantastic people; this is the best thing that can happen for everybody, especially for me who has been a fan of Kreator since the 80s! Kreator was one of the very first Metal bands to visit Poland back in 1988 and I was there; that was the first time that I met Mille (Petrozza, lead vocals / guitar) actually and I never expected that the day would come that we would share a stage together so far from home, especially in Australia!” Expanding a little further about the friendship that has formed with Mille and the rest of Kreator over the years, Wiwczarek mentioned how, “You know what it’s like in Metal; we’re a brotherhood of honest people! If you don’t like someone, you don’t want to be around them. In my life I’ve met numerous kinds of people and the Kreator guys are ones that I always like to meet. We’re not Facebook friends, but we’re friends the old fashioned way (chuckles).”

Between Vader gracing our shores for their World Domination tour last time and this upcoming visit, they have released not only four EPs but five albums as well. Wiwczadek elaborated on how much of a struggle has it been for the band to decide what songs they are going to be playing for fans this time around, as well as going further by giving us an insight into the thought process that is taking place:

”Oh man, it’s such a problem; especially when you only have just a little bit of time, which is why I’m so glad to have at least an hour. An hour is the minimum required to construct a setlist that has any sense! Of course I studied the setlist we played last time around and am trying to modify it with songs recorded after the visit, so there will definitely be a few songs from the most recent album and the one before. I couldn’t see many songs from the early years of Vader’s history; especially with 2017 being the 25th anniversary of The Ultimate Incantation, we’re definitely going to be adding songs from the very early days of Vader. I’m sure the old fans who have followed us since the beginning will get something on this trip to Australia; we’re going to mix old with new! It’s not really easy work, but we keep trying to make the shows satisfactory for the old-school fans but also those who have joined the Vader empire lately.”

This interviewer was curious as to whether Wiwczadek had any specific songs that he was most looking forward to getting to play live; the response that followed was absolutely mind-blowing, as this question has never been explained from this perspective before:

“I can’t answer that, because I’m a composer; each song is a part of my life, whether it be seconds, minutes or hours that I spent creating this particular song. I’m like a father who has many kids; I can’t really say which kid is my favourite as I love all of them! I love to play songs and like to play different songs by Vader. I’m happy we’re not a band that who created only a few hits within our career. Every show, we will have people asking why we didn’t play this song or that song; it actually makes me glad as it means we’ve created many songs that are interesting for many different fans! The only problem is we can’t play more than 15 to 18 songs if we have a 90-minute set, which is what we’re trying to do now by playing different songs we played several years ago.”

Touching further on how Vader has quite a large and extensive catalogue of songs to choose from, Wiwczadek is quick to state that it’s all because of the fans!

“The masterpieces are created by the fans you know; the band creates the songs but whether it goes to that next level is entirely upto the fans! If you hit straight into the heart of fans, you’ll have more of a chance to make that masterpiece. It’s hard to say whether the albums we created in the 80s and 90s would be classics if they were recorded today; it all depends on how they are taken by fans. Art has a time and a place; not that there’s anything wrong with that! When I create a song, I have no idea how it’s going to be; in the past I had some songs that were closer to my heart which just ended up being another song, whereas songs that were created on the fly in the studio or within just one or two minutes have gone to become hits (laughs). Nobody knows how it is; it is what it is! Maybe after so many years, I’m more experienced as a composer and as a musician, so it could be easier for me to compose a song that is a hit; this is more common in rock music though. Even once Metal became a part of the music business, it’s easier to create a hit song today which is still Metal! I believe Metal works in a parallel way to the music business; people still take it a bit differently. It’s not just music you have on in the background to dance to or to listen to when you’re making sandwiches (laughs).”

This interviewer totally understood where Wiwczadek was coming from; mentioning how when you listen to non-Metal bands like Pink Floyd, Queen or Electric Lighting Orchestra that you actually sit down and allow yourself to get immersed with the music. Wiwczadek was quick to respond that, “You got the point buddy; I wish to see more fans listening to the music not as background noise, but to actually focus and listen to it, like it was in the past!” before continuing that, “This is why I’m happy the vinyl format is coming back so strong; the vinyl was magic because you knew every next play gave more life to the album. For me, if I knew that I spent a lot of money on that, you couldn’t just listen to the music in the background; you put the album on, you were studying the album cover or reading the lyrics. You’re just listening to every scratch of music and every note, discussing it with friends; this is something different compared to what’s going on today. Maybe the easy way to get the music takes away from that a little bit and means people aren’t giving as much heart or attention to the music that they listen to; I still hope that it’s coming back and that people will find the joy to listening to music once again, instead of relating to it as background music in a grocery store!”

Wiwczadek was quick to go on record though and mention that the evolution of technology isn’t necessarily a bad thing.

“Of course, I still use technology; I have music on my iPhone to listen to when I travel because I can’t get my collection of vinyls and take my gramophone with me to listen to on tour (chuckles). The main point is the passion! Sometimes it’s really hard to explain to the new generation about the honest true passion and the way we were listening to music; sometimes they have no idea what I’m talking about! It’s funny you know (chuckles again); I’m not talking to be different or to sound like an old prick to the newer generation, but I feel sorry if you can’t feel as emotional as we did when listening to the music in the past! It’s easy to talk to you because you understand what I’m talking about, but sometimes when I’m listening to the young guys listening to just their iPod; the young ones who think vinyl is something old, not easy to use and it sounds bad (laughs again). That’s why we’re talking about it now, because that just shows the emotional difference in the passion!”

So what’s on the to-do list for Vader when they come to Australia this time around; are they going to be getting out there and trying to enjoy the local tastes but more importantly, the local beer that Australia has to offer?

“Most definitely we will; we’re travellers and like to check out the local kitchens, taste the local beers or see the local sights. We need to talk to people who live down there, because it teaches us to respect the people living in the different part of the world which is a good thing!”

Vader are supporting the legendary and iconic Kreator during this visit to Australia; the Melbourne and Sydney shows are sold out but you’ll find information regarding remaining tickets here!