The dynamic duo, made up of brothers Paul and Andrew Haug, the man behind Australia’s only 24/7 Rock and Metal online radio, have just released the follow-up to the Devin Townsend mixed The Internal Dialogue (2010). Another eight tracks have been added to the catalogue, keeping to the formula of their previous release.

With a crisp sound, produced by the Haug brothers in Vancouver, Canada, the record was mixed by Mike and Dave Young; not stretching too far away from Townsend, Dave being the guitarist for The Devin Townsend Project.

The delay in releases were due to family tragedy in the loss of their father and the possibility that Contrive would go splitsville, however the bond became stronger and this passionate release is the result. Improving with each release, Slow Dissolve is the best the boys have sounded.

Kicking things off with an ambience in the backing soundscape of opening track, ‘Connect Dead’, which progressive metal peers, The Levitation Hex and Alchemist before them, having also mastered. The progressive drums of Andrew, influenced heavily by Igor Cavalera (Ex-Sepultura, The Cavalera Conspiracy), hits with precision as Paul unleashes some hard hitting riffs and nifty leads in between the abyss of sound. That Townsend sound is still present showing the influence breathes life within.


Paul experiments with his voice from clean vocals to Page Hamilton (Helmet) style screams as Andrew picks up the pace, coming in at full force on standout track, ‘What’s Mine’. This track sees more changes then a newborns diaper.

Its highlight after highlight with ‘The Immediate Age’; dropping like a treat from a piñata. Paul comes across as the Australian equivalent of Burton C. Bell (Fear Factory) mixing melody and violent vocals much like the turn of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde.

Personal favourite ‘You’re Owned’ unleashes darkness through melodic vocals, inspiring leads, stomping riffs and the pelting of the kit. The spoken word;  of ‘The Human Game’ builds up to a hard rocking riff which only increases tenfold on its second-coming. The stomping, ‘Throwaway’ finds resemblance to New York Groove metal act, Prong.

Not letting up with the guitar solo and catchiness of ‘Below the Line’ and title-track ‘Slow Dissolve’ which closes the album Contrive have found their sound blending genres of metal to avoid being pigeon-holed into one category because this pigeon is on a mission to conquer with world-class metal from down under.

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