Alaska’s 36 CRAZYFISTS have shared another new song from their upcoming album Lanterns.
“It’s about a time to let the past be exactly that,” singer Brock Lindow said. “Looking back on all my blessings, all the things to be so grateful for, and to acknowledge that process of learning from your mistakes. Being proud of who you are and accepting that I’m certainly not perfect and though I’ve rolled the dice at times and failed, I know without risk there is no reward.”
The band is gearing up to release the deeply personal new album Lanterns on September 29 through Spinefarm Records. It is 36 Crazyfists second release for the label and the follow up to 2015’s Time and Trauma.
Music often functions as that proverbial light at the end of the tunnel and provides shelter during any storm and calm in the middle of tumult. 36 Crazyfists understand this phenomenon firsthand. In fact, the Anchorage quartet-Brock Lindow , Steve Holt Mick Whitney , and Kyle Baltus -find catharsis within chaos on their aptly titled seventh full-length.
Listen to Lanterns and pre-order here.