Ending what has been a mammoth six part series of the 20th Annual Edition we will go out with an almighty bang with a load of iconic metal albums from 1997. Enjoy the nostalgia!


Electric Wizard: Come My Fanatics…

Standout tracks: Return Trip, Doom-Mantia, Wizard in Black



Strapping Young Lad: City

Standout tracks: All Hail the New Flesh, Oh My Fucking God, Detox





Helmet: Aftertaste

Standout tracks: Pure, Renovation, Exactly What You Wanted


GWAR: Carnival of Chaos

Standout tracks: Penguin Attack, Pre-Skool Prostitute, Hate Love Songs, Back to Iraq





Rollins Band: Come In and Burn

Standout tracks: Shame, Starve, On My Way to the Cage, Spilling Over the Side





Machine Head: The More Things Change…

Standout tracks: Ten Ton Hammer, Take My Scars, Down to None, Violate, Struck a Nerve, Bay of Pigs





Dimmu Borgir: Enthrone Darkness Triumphant

Standout tracks: Mourning Palace, Spellbound (By the Devil), Tormentor of Christian Souls




Napalm Death: Inside the Torn Apart

Standout tracks: Breed to Breathe, Inside the Torn Apart, Lowpoint




Megadeth: Cryptic Writings

Standout tracks: Trust, A Secret Place, She-Wolf





Obituary: Back from the Dead

Standout tracks: Threatening Skies, Lockdown, Back from the Dead





Emperor: Anthems to the Welkin at Dusk

Standout tracks: Ye Entrancemperium, Thus Spake the Nightspirit, The Loss and Curse of Reverence, With Strength I Burn





Paradise Lost: One Second

Standout tracks: One Second, Just Say Words, Lydia, Mercy




Devin Townsend: Ocean Machine: Biomech


Standout tracks: Seventh Wave, Life, Regulator, Funeral, Bastard




In Flames: Whoracle

Standout tracks: Jotun, Food for the Gods, Gyroscope, Episode 666, Everything Counts




Deicide: Serpents of the Light

Standout tracks: Bastard of Christ, Blame It on God, Believe the Lie





Kreator: Outcast

Standout tracks: Leave This World Behind, Phobia, Forever, Outcast


 HIM: Greatest Lovesongs Vol. 666

Standout Tracks: Wicked Game, When Love And Death Embrace, Your Sweet Six Six Six, Our Diabolikal Rapture, Don´t Fear The Reaper