METALLICA drummer Lars Ulrich interviewed KABUL DREAMS, one of Afghanistan’s first rock bands, on “It’s Electric!”, his online radio show on Apple Music‘s Beats 1. You can now watch the chat below.

Formed in 2008, KABUL DREAMS first toured the U.S. in 2014, when the members also decided to live full time in the country after receiving multiple death threats in Afghanistan for being in a “Western” rock band.

The group was featured in “Radio Dreams”, Iranian-born English writer/director Babak Jalali‘s drama about a day in the life of a San Francisco Iranian radio station, in which the band plays fictionalized versions of themselves. In the film, which features an appearance by Ulrich, the members of METALLICA are urged to jam with KABUL DREAMS. “He was just so gracious… He knew all about KABUL DREAMS‘ music,” the film’s producer, Marjaneh Moghimi, told PRI.

Ulrich told ABC Radio that KABUL DREAMS didn’t have access to the things American and Western artists do: instruments, rehearsal spaces and “infrastructure that supports music and rock ‘n’ roll bands.”

“When you know their whole background, obviously it’s an incredible, moving story,” Lars said.

KABUL DREAMS released its first U.S.-produced album, called “Megalomaniacs”, in February.

via Blabbermouth