In our second last 20th Anniversary Edition we focus on albums which turned heads in 1997 in the alternative realm. Whether it be funk metal, rap metal or alternative rock, alternative music takes many forms.

Feel the nostalgia as it hits like a ton of bricks with songs that will make you feel old and ask yourself has it really been twenty years?

Faith No More: Album of the Year

Standout Tracks: Last Cup of Sorrow, Naked in front of the Computer, Ashes to Ashes, Got that Feeling, Paths of Glory


Sevendust: Sevendust

Standout Tracks: Black, My Ruin, Bitch, Terminator, Too Close to Hate, Prayer, Speak


Primus: Brown Album

Standout Tracks: Fisticuffs, Golden Boy, Over the Falls, Shake Hands with Beef, Bob’s Party Time Lounge, Duchess and the Proverbial Mind Spread


311: Transistor

Standout Tracks: Transistor, Galaxy, Prisoner, Beautiful Disaster, What was I Thinking?


Coal Chamber: Coal Chamber

Standout Tracks: Loco, Oddity, Clock, Big Truck, Sway, Unspoiled


Rammstein: Sehnsucht

Standout Tracks: Engel, Tier, Bück Dich, Du Hast


Incubus: S.C.I.E.N.C.E.

Standout Tracks: A Certain Shade of Green, Redefine, Vitamin, New Skin, Summer Romance (Anti-Gravity Love Song)


Deftones: Around the Fur

Standout Tracks: My Own Summer (Shove It), Be Quiet and Drive (Far Away),  Mascara, Rickets, Lotion


Snot: Get Some

Standout Tracks: Snot, Stoopid, The Box, Snooze Button, Tecato, Unplugged, I Jus’ Lie


Sugar Ray: Floored

Standout Tracks: RPM, Fly, American Pig, Stand and Deliver


Smash Mouth: Fush Yu Mang

Standout Tracks: Beer Goggles, Walkin’ on the Sun, Why Can’t We Be Friends?


Limp Bizkit: Three Dollar Bill, Y’all

Standout Tracks: Counterfeit, Pollution, Faith, Sour, Clunk