The opening passages of ‘The Deepest River’ give a strong feeling of an Iron Maiden influence to the music of Cyanide Teeth, but as the track progresses, the first band that comes to mind is early Megadeth.  By the time the singing starts, you realise this is a band with a deep set of influences, and a sound all their own.  The vocals actually sound very similar to Smeer, the singer for 80s Melbourne Thrash punk band, Depression. By the time the solo comes around, it’s clear that you’ve found something pretty special. Throwing a number of influences into a melting pot, what comes out is a sophisticated slab of molten Metal.

‘Entropic Thunder,’ is a more straightforward banger and also the shortest track by far, although it still has a breakdown that strongly features the bass (shades of Maiden again), and goes through a slow section before going into overdrive.

’10 Years’ War’ has a riff that is reminiscent of ‘The Four Horsemen’ by Metallica or ‘Mechanix’ by Megadeth. This track comes from the same school of thought as Viking Skull. In other words, it’s a great track to bang your head to.

‘Silver Shine of the Bloody Horn’ is next, and is a mid-tempo track that keeps up the 70s influence. What always keeps things interesting in these songs is the tempo changes, and this one speeds up soon enough. The lead playing in particular is very good, and perhaps the thing that’s most reminiscent of Dave Mustaine.

The last track is also the title track, ‘The World’s Fair (Satan Ain’t).’  As you’d expect, all the stops are pulled out.  As is often the case with heavy music, there are fast bits, but it’s the slow bits that really kill.  This is definitely the best track on the album.

It’s easy to follow new bands from overseas and ignore the scene in your own backyard.  It probably happens everywhere.  This EP is a strong and varied collection of Metal songs that have a variety of influences but still end up sounding modern and fresh. Any fan of classic Heavy Metal would do well to check these guys out and to add this EP to their collection.

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Cyanide Teeth - The World's Fair