In this edition, we step back once again to 1997 looking at electronica/ pop, and hip-hop. Many seminal albums featured in this year with some pretty cool film clips to boot.

Before we get into the final two weeks where things get a bit heavier we will wind-down or wind-up in this case. Enjoy the trip as you find yourself stuck in a time warp of which you won’t want to leave anytime soon.


Electronica/Pop 1997


The Prodigy: Fat of the Land

Standout Tracks: Smack My Bitch Up, Breathe, Diesel Power, Firestarter


Daft Punk: Homework

Standout Tracks: Revolution 909, Da Funk, Around the World


The Chemical Brothers: Dig Your Own Hole

Standout Tracks: Block Rockin’ Beats, Setting Sun, Eletctrobank


Portishead: Portishead

Standout Tracks: Cowboys, All Mine, Over, Only You


Depeche Mode: Ultra

Standout Tracks: Barrel of a Gun, Love Thieves, It’s No Good, Useless


Bjork: Homogenic

Standout Tracks: Hunter, Unravel, Bachelorette


U2: Pop

Standout Tracks: Discothèque, Staring at the Sun, Please, Mofo



Hip-Hop 1997


Wyclef Jean: The Carnival

Standout Tracks: Guantanamera, Bubblegoose, Gone till November, We Trying to Stay Alive


The Notorious B.I.G.: Life After Death

Standout Tracks: Hypnotize, Mo Money Mo Problems, What’s Beef?


Bone Thugs-n-Harmony: The Art of War

Standout Tracks: Look into My Eyes, If I Could Teach the World


Wu-Tang Clan: Wu-Tang Forever

Standout Tracks: Reunited, Triumph