What’s one thing we all love but don’t always get enough of? Sleep. Another thing we also can’t seem to get enough of is band merchandise. Some of you have likely already taken to wearing your band tees to bed, but for those of you who like your sleepwear I have good news. This instalment of The Merch Stand, we take a look at some of the sleepwear available in the heavy music scene. To quote the Old El Paso girl: “por que no los dos?” So my friends; exit light, enter night and rep a band while you’re off to never never land!

A seemingly popular item in the web stores of some of the big names in the industry are check flannel pyjama sets such as the ones shown below; with red being the most common choice repeated across different band logos. Slipknot have offered a black variant, and Alice in Chains have opted to switch out the sweater for a t-shirt. Other bands such as Black Label Society and 30 Seconds to Mars have opted to offer pyjama pants without a top to match:

Black Label Society also have a onesie available; a less common item in heavy music merchandise:

As you probably would have noticed, it has also become a common trend for department stores to carry officially licenced apparel. Here are a few examples of what can be found currently in women’s sleepwear:

For those of you who like to wear a little less between the sheets, occasionally you can even find underwear in the ‘accessories’ sections of online merch stores:

You can find the Gunners logo on just about anything you could think of these days, so it’s no surprise that they’ve added slippers to the list:

Marilyn Manson also has a clothing range out via alternative clothing label Killstar, which includes a small range of underwear:

Woven blankets have also taken a common place currently across many bands merchandise ranges:

Yes, you can also pick up a pillow or two to match:

For those of you who like to indulge when it comes to bedding, who better fitting than KISS to inject a bit (or a lot) of glam into your RnR? These pillows are set with jewels to the likeness of Paul Stanley and Gene Simmons, with the pair retailing for AU$225, or AU$125 seperately:

Got some rad merch bedding or jammies not mentioned here that you’d like to show off? Post a photo in the comments!