How do I even start a paragraph for an introduction on these guys? At The Drive-In are… man, they’re a lot of things. A tremendous quintet that put on breath-taking gigs, a group that hold no limits, five guys that changed the world with their take of post-hardcore music, a lot of things. With them doing some one-off concerts around the world, we thought that would be the last of them, forever. Luckily, that wasn’t the case, as At The Drive-In are BACK at full force for good with not just a number of shows performed since last year, but also a brand new record that was released a few months ago! Whether you’re familiar with Cedric and Omar’s other projects such as The Mars Volta, Antemasque or Sparta, you definitely would’ve known about the group that got them where they are, right now. With At The Drive-In returning to Australia for a couple of east coast shows in late September/early October, we’re gonna give you five good reasons why you should attend their upcoming Aussie tour and send transmission from the one armed scissor!

1. This is their official, first ever headline tour in Australia

At The Drive-In have been Aussie festival favourites for a long time. This included their massive break at Big Day Out in 2001, on a huge bill with bands such as Rammstein, Queens of the Stone Age, Limp Bizkit, Placebo, and more. Shortly after, the band broke up, and didn’t return to the international stages until 2012, and performed in Australia exclusively, at the Splendour in the Grass festival that year. Then in early 2016, the group announced another reunion, along with a new record being made in the mix. A few months later, they returned to Splendour, along with two sold out headline shows in Melbourne and Sydney. Now, performing in bigger venues this time for their very own headline tour, At the Drive-In will be performing at Brisbane’s Eaton Hills Hotel, Sydney’s Hordern Pavilion and Melbourne’s Festival Hall.

2. They’re regarded as one of the most influential acts in post-hardcore

It’s true. At The Drive-In’s legacy and name got stronger and more memorable, one day after the next after they broke up. Especially with their most recognised and highly praised “Relationship of Command” album, the band were regarded as a huge inspiration to bands such as Billy Talent, Coheed & Cambria, Gallows, Rolo Tomassi, Alexisonfire and many more. With their energetic live shows and well-received responses from fans and critics on their discography, there’s also going to be a massive hit of nostalgia slamming you across the face, whether you’re a new or old fan.

3. They have Le Butcherettes as their main support act!

Not only have Le Butcherettes supported At The Drive-In since their reunion, but they have also supported Cedric and Omar’s other band Antemasque several times. That’s not it, though – Le Butcherettes have also been cited as one of Omar’s favourite bands and has worked with them several times in the studio, as their full-time producer and part-time session musician. Another thing to mention is, the Mexican garage punk trio’s vocalist and brains Teri Gender Bender is one of the most intimidating entertainers, onstage. With her schizophrenic stage persona, swapping from guitar to keys while either singing or screeching into the mic, she won’t hesitate to get up close and personal and scream like a banshee in your face, or even run a lap all around the venue and start dancing on tables or jumping on anyone’s backs, demanding piggybacks.

4. They’ve released a new album for the first time in seventeen years

This current tour is in support of the band’s latest record “In•ter A•li•a” – their first studio LP since their universally acclaimed “Relationship of Command”. Their recorded achievement has received lots of positive reactions from fans and critics, globally. Of course, they’ll be playing a number of tracks off this album, but they will also be performing more from “Relationship of Command”, “Vaya” and “In/Casino/Out”. Whether you’re familiar with their newer material or their classics, At The Drive-In are sure to put in a crazy amount of zeal and ferociousness into each show.

5. They haven’t changed since they broke up.

You may think that a band has changed in terms of their consistency with their onstage personas, but not At the Drive-In. Despite ex-guitarist Jim Ward no longer in the band, Cedric, Omar, Paul and Tony have all kept going harder and harder, one show after the next. Everything on their new record still contains Cedric’s use of complicated wordplay and metaphors, Omar’s frenzy-fuelled guitar riffs and Tony’s thrashy and fast-paced drumming. But, the concerts they headline are another story. They’re still jumping around, and they know how to orchestrate a crowd during the process of a fire set! Regardless as to how many of their songs you know, they don’t ever make you feel as though you need to follow along with the singalongs, they just want you to throw yourself around and enjoy the f*ck out of the show! A band like At The Drive-In are always open to allowing newcomers to join everyone in the pit.

At The Drive In 2017 Australian Tour

Supported by Le Butcherettes

Thursday, 28th September
Festival Hall, Melbourne
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Friday, 29th September
Hordern Pavilion, Sydney
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Monday, 2nd October
Eatons Hill Hotel, Brisbane
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