As a continuation from last week where we looked at albums that stood out from Australian and British artists in 1997, we now focus on punk, hardcore, and ska bands. As you can imagine the likes of Frenzal Rhomb and Toe to Toe featured so this time round we look at bands from abroad. Enjoy the nostalgia and feel free to check out last weeks if you missed out. Find a link way down-under.

Punk 1997

The Offspring: Ixnay on the Hombre


Standout Tracks: Me & My Old Lady, All I Want, Gone Away, Mota

Pennywise: Full Circle



Standout Tracks: Society, What if I, Bro Hymn Tribute


Green Day: Nimrod



Standout Tracks: Nice Guys Finish Last, Hitchin’ a Ride, The Grouch, Prosthetic Head


Blink 182: Dude Ranch



Standout Tracks: Dammit, Josie, Apple Shampoo, Dick Lips.

Millencolin: For Monkeys



Standout Tracks: Lozin’ Must, Puzzle, Random I Am, Otis.


NOFX: So Long and Thanks for all the Shoes



Standout Tracks: It’s My Job to Keep Punk Rock Elite, Murder the Government, Monosyllabic girl, Eat the Meek, I’m Telling Tim, Quart in Session.


AFI: Shut Your Mouth and Open Your Eyes



Standout Tracks: A Single Second, Third Season, Triple Zero.


Hardcore 1997

Sick Of It All: Built to Last



Standout Tracks: Us Vs. Them, Built to Last, Closer


H20: Thicker Than Water



Standout Tracks: Everready, Thicker Than Water


Hatebreed: Satisfaction is the Death of Desire



Standout Tracks: Empty Promises, Before Dishonour, Conceived Through an Act of Violence.


Ska 1997

The Mighty Mighty Bosstones: Let’s Face It



Standout Tracks: The Rascal King, Royal Oil, The Impression That I Get,


Buck-O-Nine: Twenty-eight Teeth


Standout Tracks: My Town, Round Kid, Twenty-eight Teeth.


Mad Caddies: Quality Soft Core



Standout Tracks: I’m So Alone, Cup O’ Tea, The Bell Tower


Voodoo Glow Skulls: Baile de Los Locos


Standout Tracks: Bulletproof, Baile De Los Locos, This Aint No Disco


Save Ferris: It Means Everything



Standout Tracks: Everything I Want To Be, Come on Eileen, The World is New


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