I have been a heavily dedicated Dillinger Escape Plan fan since 2010 when I first heard Farewell, Mona Lisa from their album, “Option Paralysis”. Since then, they have been my escape (plan) from all of the negativity in my personal life and my most favourite band to date. But, that’s enough about me. The Dillinger Escape Plan have been seen as one of the most acclaimed and respected bands in the metal world, and even the entirety of the music community. Having six extremely praised and successful records under their belt, and performed some of the most intense gigs ever, many have seen them as a great force to be reckoned with in metal. With their upcoming Aussie tour coming up in a few months, I have a feeling that some people in the country aren’t treating this tour as that big a deal. So, here I give you five reasons as to why the Dillinger Escape Plan’s upcoming tour in Australia is a really big f*cking deal!

1. This will be the final time they’ll be visiting Australia
With already three sold out shows in Melbourne and Sydney, the Australian audience has three options left on which city they want to visit to see Dillinger one last time. With the tour being extended to Tasmania, this makes seven headline shows in their tour. During their career, Dillinger Escape Plan have been regular visitors to Australia since 2004 – the year “Miss Machine” was released. Since then, they’ve gone on to do shows at the now-defunct Soundwave Festival three times, supporting System of a Down in 2012, and headline several shows from clubs to 2000 capacity theatres. By the end of 2017, after twenty years, Dillinger Escape Plan will be no more, except for a huge, important piece added to the history to music.

2. They’re one of the most energetic and tightest acts on stage
When you think of energetic shows, Dillinger are usually the first band to come to mind. There are many examples as to why they’re utterly insane and implausible with the gigs they’ve performed at. From fire-breathing, to jumping off and smashing amplifiers and drum kits, to bleeding from the head onstage at the 2013 Golden Gods awards; to then standing on fans in the crowd to perform guitar solos, and even having vocalist Greg Puciato take a dump in a plastic bag and tossing it into the crowd at the Reading/Leeds Festival, Dillinger has proven to perform some of the most insane antics one can witness at a show.

3. There’s not one dud album in their catalogue
No matter the album, no matter the song. Dillinger hasn’t even the slightest of trouble to make the live performances of any of their tracks sound just as incredible as they do in the studio. Greg Puciato and co. have a way of enticing people into checking out their shows, whether they’re fans of the band or not. From tremendously abrasive pieces such as When I Lost My Bet, Sunshine the Werewolf, and 43% Burnt, to uplifting and really diverse ones like Black Bubblegum, Unretrofied and One Of Us Is the Killer, Dillinger has a giant selection of compositions that any fan would be pleased to see on their setlists. Regardless, if it’s from their debut “Calculating Infinity” or their last record “Dissociation”, Dillinger will have a way to blow your mind with the vitality they put into their onstage executions.

4. They have been praised by some of the biggest names in metal
You read that right. There have been countless bands and musicians that have praised the New Jersey-based quintet. Some of Dillinger’s admirers have included Alex Skolnick (Testament), Dave Mustaine (Megadeth), Bring Me the Horizon, Deftones, Steven Wilson (Porcupine Tree), and even Kirk Hammett (Metallica)! There even came a time where Mike Patton (Faith No More) performed on their “Irony is a Dead Scene” EP in 2002 before Greg Puciato joined. If you feel even the slightest of appreciation for Dillinger, maybe you should just take their word for it, and give Dillinger a peep at any of the shows on the upcoming Australia tour!

5. This tour is where you’ll see them in their element
Well, I have said that they always put on one hell of a show. But, do you know how much dynamism and pizzazz goes into an act when it’s the last time a certain country, or even the world, is going to see them? Look at how Black Sabbath closed it off, for instance. When a band breaks up, they’re leaving behind a lot of things that will go down in history for everyone to remember them by. With Dillinger Escape Plan, the thing that made them stand out from almost every band in the world was their vigorous and highly animated live shows. Sure, their discography is astonishing, but their onstage performances are what made the band what they are today. And anyone who has seen them gets to be a part of the history that they witnessed with their very own eyes and ears.

Like I said, this is the LAST TIME they will be coming to Australia, EVER. Tickets have sold out for both the Melbourne and Sydney shows. However, there are still tickets available at the Brisbane, Adelaide, Perth and Hobart gigs. Be sure to get your tickets ASAP! Be a part of history! Come and see one of the most incredible performances you’ll ever see in your life!

Tickets are selling up fast. Grab yours now via Destroy All Lines!


Sunday 15 October – Capitol, Perth 18+

Tuesday 17 October – Fowlers Live, Adelaide 18+

**New Melbourne show** Thursday 19 October – Corner Hotel, Melbourne 18+ – SOLD OUT

Friday 20 October – Corner Hotel, Melbourne 18+ – SOLD OUT

Saturday 21 October – Metro Theatre, Sydney 18+ – SOLD OUT

Sunday 22 October – Max Watts, Brisbane 18+

Tickets for all shows are on sale now!